Thursday, May 7, 2009

Once Upon An Afternoon Stroll, I Met A Group Of Unique, Inspiring, Wonderous Artists Who Led Me Down The Most Beautiful Path ....

Dear Magnificent Friends,

Over the course of the last two weeks, I have recieved emails from a number of amazing artists who are battling through some challenging times. From the stress of prepping for multiple shows and dealing with illness to losing jobs and finding new homes, many are overwhelmed and trying to hold it together. Recently, even my own life has been a little more "insane" as I've been working to get the site up (making mistakes while learning lots of technical craziness), managing projects, working, maintaining home life and hoping for even five minutes of "me" time. So, I truly understand!

I feel it is incredibly important at this time to remind everyone who is working hard to forge ahead that you are amazing. You are amazing for just getting up everyday, facing the day and whatever comes with it. You are amazing for creating, cheering, sharing and being exactly who you are. Remember that no matter what there are folks here like me who are behind you!

The tough times are only a reminder of our strength. They let us flex our muscles, grow and appreciate all the good times we've had and those yet to come. Keep your heads up...there's fun on the wait, there is fun right here!!!!

This week skilled professional artists stepped through the doors of the Thursday Sweet Treat and built the most phenomenal place for all of us to stroll through. It's filled with magic, hope, sensational beauty, love, and won't want to leave.

Won't you join me for a stroll through this enchanting garden of dreams?

Salvaged Expression created this fabulous, one-of-a-kind rock garden.

"This weeks item is a crocheted rock garden designed to bring peace and playfulness to wherever it lives," said Salvaged. "The three crocheted "stones" are beanbags filled with dried lima beans that make the bag mouldable and pleasant to the ear. The bags and base are in calm and rejuvinating colors in muted tones so they're easy on the eyes. Honestly I had a lot of fun just playing with it and setting it up in new configurations."

Agathe, creator of Meherio68, created this phenomenl work of art.

"This week's treat of mine is partly ironical," said Agathe. "You see, right when I read the post announcing this week's theme, I knew that there was something for me to do with a cloud and a daffodil, because of those gorgeous old stamps I had just found... Since then, I have fallen ill, not very badly, but enough that I have been voiceless for two days— a very interesting experience, communication-wise. So, ironical, is my tiny treat (with a stylized flower that could be a daffodil, could it not?)... which will be turned into a cellphone charm, something saying "I wander, lonely as a cloud, so CALL ME!!!"— when right now, I won't answer the phone anyway, in order to spare and get back my voice. The larger piece— you know how, sometimes, when looking at clouds, you're going to see things in them— well, can you see that daffodil in the middle? Can you? This will become a focal piece for a silvery necklace. Oh, yes! Before I forget: both clouds come with a silver lining, of course!"

Jodi, creator of Jodi Horgan, created this truly stunning ring.

"One my favorite things is the huge patch of zinnias that we plant each year," said Jodi. "I love to stroll through the paths around the zinnias. We always plant the seeds so that all the colors are mixed up. Last year we got a new color in the mix. It was this beautiful pinky peach color. That is what inspired the ring I created. The center is a Swarovski rose rivoli. It is bezeled with a dark metallic pink seed bead. I surrounded the rivoli with more Swarovski crystals that mimic the petals of the zinnia."

Marja, creator of Glass Elements, created this simply exquisite piece titled, "Walk with Me".

"This pendant was created from a larger pattern bar - a multilayered piece of glass created from stacking and melting together bits of glass to form a thick sheet and then further slicing it up to display the pattern of the glass striations," said Marja. "The colors in this piece reminded me of green rolling hills and inspired me to ask you to...

Walk with me, take a stroll and enjoy the rolling green hills, the puffy white cloud and beautiful orange flowers that line the way. :)"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these four gorgeous works titled, “First Robin”, “ Tulip Center ”, “Lilac Buds” and "Fern Curls”.

"Your timing was perfect! I had just returned home from a walk through my (very small) condo complex with my camera and checked in to TST," said Felicia. "When I saw the new theme I couldn’t have been more excited because my walk had yielded a ton of great photos. I have been tossing around the “floral frames” idea for awhile so this was the perfect opportunity to explore it. I expect to be loading quite a few to my etsy shop over the next few days. The robin was just for fun! I laughed when I saw him sitting there – how perfect for my spring walk!"

First Robin

Tulip Center

Lilac Buds

Fern Curls

Ruth, creator of Allover Art, created this sensational Lone Tree Hand-Painted Art Pendant Necklace.

"Nature has always been a great inspiration to me," said Ruth. "I can't even start my work day in the studio without being outside in the morning. Every morning I take our oldest dog for a run. I really enjoy listening to all the birds chirping and feeling the morning breeze. Even when it's raining we will still go for our run. My love for the outdoors comes through in a lot of my work, so this week's theme easily inspired this piece. This piece features a tiny 3/4 inch diameter miniature realistic landscape painting of a single leafy tree. I love it! I love how much detail I was able to get in this tiny painting, and I love the bright colors. Doesn't looking at this piece make you feel a little bit more peaceful?"

Phone: 919-744-0578

Lada, creator of Works and Finds, created these stellar pieces.

"Today I played with some charms and here is the result," said Lada. "Traveling is on my mind as you can see. I'm leaving pretty soon and the globe pendant speaks to me. And also the Zodiac."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this magnificent 10x10 mixed media piece titled,"Summer Daydreams".

"This colorful piece is still in progress, but time ran short this week and I wanted to share what I had so far," said Amanda. "I loved the concept of an afternoon stroll--so relaxing and rejuvenating. The weather is finally warming up here, and I look forward to wandering along our local creek. When I'm walking alone, my favorite thing to do is let my daydreams blow around with the clouds. This piece is a visual daydream for me, offering a meditative meandering similar to an afternoon stroll."

Jenjen Furer, creator of Gotta Love Mom, created this unforgettable work.

"It’s Wednesday night, 11:30 pm, I only have 30 minutes to put this together; Being a mother of four – I’m busy with my crumbcatchers’ hectic schedule – physically, mentally, emotionally, academically – and all the other “~ally’s “in their lives," said Jen.

“Me” time usually involves walking and taking a stroll while the kids are in school. I even call it “zen-walk”. Zen-walk is when I go for a walk (with my ipod swaying my hips to Beyonce’s Single Ladies) and just try not to worry about anything.

Although this week’s been impossible! The rain and pollen-covered atmosphere left me locked-up in my suburban abode.

Next school year, I’ll have two kids in college, one in high school and one in 3rd grade. My youngest is my buddy now that everyone’s busy almost every time. He has tons of energy and just loves to walk – I mean run!"

Once upon an afternoon stroll – in a child’s perspective

I love this picture of him just standing and staring down at the grass. It’s a reminder of how innocent my little darlings are.

As little angels, they see the world in a different perspective – simple, fun and interesting.
They are at awe at how the yellow dandelions stand-out in that vast green grass.

So you can imagine when we walked along Hershey Garden! The colors and the sculpture just make you feel like you’re in Alice in Wonderland.

"Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you.
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
Which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you,
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might that His arrows might go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable” – Kahlil Gibran

Once upon a time in an afternoon ZEN-WALK

Zen-walk gives me inspiration to write how blessed we are to be in this world;
Zen-walk leaves my worries behind and helps me focus on how good life is.

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit." – Kahlil Gibran

Just remember when you feel like staying inside while it’s gorgeous outside:

In an instant, the weather can change;
In a heartbeat, you might miss the day;
In the blink of an eye, the beauty can fade;
So choose to enjoy the moment!

Every day seems like a new test in my new found “zen”
It does not mean I’m giving up.
I’m just gathering all the strength so I can fight this ordeal one more time!

When I see the sun shining through the blue skies
And spreading its brightness down to the river,
Even just around the corner of my home,
I feel at peace that someday, things will be complete.

I cry thinking about the things that have happened and things that are not in-place.
I can marvel at the beauty of the day, to be grateful that I am here!
I’m sad that some of my loved ones cannot enjoy this blessing.
But one thing I learned, I don’t have to cry endlessly to NOT forget about them.
I will always remember them every day and will find ways for us to be together again.

I don’t know what path the new challenges will take me.
I don’t know if it will be easy or another long-ended road.
But a few things I learned:
I can not take back the past;
I have to take action one step at a time
And be grateful for what I have right now
And the road I take today will lead me
To the future that will always be there waiting for me.

Inspiration is waiting for you to unlock
For yourself and for others!

So let go and be free
Follow your heart and
Follow your dreams
At this very moment.

Kris, creator of lisianblue, created a wonderful tale. The entire story is on her blog, so why not take a stroll over and check it out. Below is one fabulously enticing image from her exploration. Enjoy!

Tired or do you want more? Ah, I thought you'd like to stroll again...

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit them at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


Natasha said...

I've got a thread going that I'm pretty passionate about so if you have a moment, drop in and leave a little note...

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...


To all, thank you. The few hours I spend reading and admiring everyone’s entries provide me with much needed “zen”.

Salvaged expression – love the playfulness of it!

Agathe - very insightful especially the “hidden” silver lining.

Jodi – what amazing crystals!

Marja, I’d love to walk to that path someday – wonderful pendant!

Felicia, amazing capture of the beauty of spring! And love that floral frame !

Ruth – how’d you do that? So intricately done.

Lada – lead me to the right path with the compass and the zodiac.

Amanda – your piece is amazing – amazed by the techni-color dreams!

Kris – interesting creature! Reminds me of one of my Grounds for Sculpture adventure with my 13yo. (I’m off to your blog soon)

Natasha, thank you – I always look forward to Thursday afternoon.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, everyone!

meherio68 said...

Thank you everyone: each piece, this week felt like it invited me on a special stroll. I'll have to come back for longer strolls...

Ruth— I'm in love with this little tree of yours— it comes across as chubby and— chummy!

lifeartdesigns said...

Oh, wow...I think this must be the best week to date. What beautiful work you guys! I am up to my neck in alligators and I sooo needed this. I stopped everything and soaked up the beauties you all left and drooled with my eyes...I love them all! Each and every one! Thanks for the treats, and Natasha, once again, thank you!

Marja said...

I'm loving the spring time stroll I'm taking with all of you today!

Salvaged - love the zen like rock garden! So calming. :)

Agathe - love your silver lined clouds!

Jodi - so intricate and it looks just like a zinnia! So pretty!

Felicia - such beautiful photos - my fave is the fern curls because they remind me of New Zealand, of course!

Ruth - your little tree!! The detail in it is stunning. Love! And, yes, it makes me feel more peaceful.

Lada - travelling is always on my mind - so your globe pendant caught my eye!

Amanda - your piece may be still in progress, but it is gorgeous already! Love the circles and colors - very evocative.

JenJen - I'm there with you bouncing to some good tunes while stolling along. Love the idea of zen walking and thank you for this:

So let go and be free
Follow your heart and
Follow your dreams
At this very moment

We all need to be reminded of that!

Kris - love your story and the photos!

Natasha - thanks again for a wonderful gathering spot for creativity! :)

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


Awesome work, all! :-) Sorry I couldn't join you this week, but I do have a thing or two in progress for when life calms down a bit. :-)

To start down the list, with more to come:

SalvagedExpression - I want one! :-D Seriously, that is just so immensely kyool.

Jodi - such a beautiful ring! :-) So neat to see your work in this smaller format and see it just as wonderful as on the larger scale. :-)

The animals are fussing for their food, so will come back later for the rest. As always, everyone has done amazing work! :-)

Can't wait to come back and enjoy some more! :-)

BB & GF! :-)

PS Captcha = thessing - just love the sound of it! :-D -B! :bird

Frenzy23 said...

As always, I'm blown away.
I've been a fan of Salvaged's work since I first saw it at TST. This week was no exception, the knitted rocks remind me of bubbles. Peaceful, happy, just...knitted rocks.
I also especially liked Fern Curls. The focus and bright color is what a stroll in the springtime is all about.
I'm intrigued by Kris's photograph. Can't wait to check out the story on her blog!

Felicia Kramer said...

A great week!
Salvaged - your knit stones rock! :-)
Agathe - These look great - can't wait to see the finished product.
Jodi - Delicious! Those colors are gorgeous.
Marja - That's a breathtaking piece - those beautiful colors just flow.
Ruth - I'm always amazed at what you can do on that little circle ....very nice!!
Lada --Love,love,love the globe pendant.
Amanda - Hurry! I want to see the finished product! Great colors.
Jenjen - you took me on a lovely Zen walk with you thanks to your words and pictures.
Kris - you have a strange neighborhood! ;0

Michelle (mkc photography) said...

Hi lovelies! What fabulous work this week - thank you so much for sharing it and brightening my day :D Even during a hectic week where nothing seemed to cooperate and I missed my submission, I knew I could come find gorgeous work to inspire me!!! Ruth, holy cow, that pendant is a minature miracle - I am in total awe of your painting talent!

jodi said...

Thank you everyone for such a beautiful stroll today. Wonderful work.

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Finally! My Internet connection has been awful today--hasn't let me leave a comment until now (finally unplugged the modem and plugged in again).

Anyway, this theme is such a perfect tribute to spring! I've been feeling such cabin fever here... what a joy to celebrate everything I love about spring here.

I missed all of our regulars who couldn't play this week, but sometimes it's fun to have a smaller focus too! There's always so much to absorb here.

I'm off for another look... :)

aquamaureen said...

I missed submitting this week, but that didn't dampen my enthusiasm one bit when it comes to seeing what everyone played with . . .I echo Amanda's comment that today's sharing feels like spring, and oh, I'm so ready. Everyone's work was lovely and uplifting--left me with little joybubbles tickling inside me.

SalvagedExpression said...

I was running around in the field yesterday so I didn't get to comment then but here I am now!
Meherio68 made me laugh.
Another Bright Idea, your fern curls made me go "oohhh!"
Allover Art your piece just made me happy.
All of you have really beautiful work.

Natasha said...

Jenjen - I LOVED your piece..not only through a child's eyes but the zen...the photos and your words brought such peace..

Meherio - your cloud, flower and silvery lining made me feel as though I could taste Spring...what gorgeous, inspiring work...

Janie!! You are SOOO missed...I'm so ridiculously happy that you are here, cheering and hiding out from those pesky alligators LOL...I cannot wait till you com back to play...till then please keep dropping's always such fun to hear from you

Marja - I LOVE, LOVE that's simply amazing to me that you captures the very essence of the hills, grass, warm sun, clouds of the perfect Spring day...what a magnificent piece...

Phoenix - you were totally missed this week! It's fabulous to see you here, cheering and sharing...hoping to see you next time around!!!

Frenzy23 - YOU were so very missed as well!! It's fantastic to see you here supporting everyone...I sincerely hope we see you here again next week :) Miss ya

Felicia - what stellar work this week...I LOVED all of the pieces ...the bird made me laugh what a cutie and my favorite was the Lilac Buds....I love lilacs, purple, all of it...and those floral frames were phenomenal..I'm so happy you got to stretch your wings here

Michelle - miss you, miss you, miss you!!! How are you? Great to see you here...I love the way you are cheering for everyone and I'm with you on Ruth's piece...totally blew me away...In awe of her talent! I hope you will be playing again soon...till then...miss ya

Jodi - I don't even know how to talk about how much I loved your ring! The detail on it was sensational ..and the managed to capture SUCH beauty ...loved it

Amanda - your work was exceptional...I know its a work in progress but it's amazing right now and this thought, " favorite thing to do is let my daydreams blow around with the clouds" made me want to run outside to let my thoughts blow was pouring here when I saw this piece and yet you brought the sunshine and the warmth of Spring into my house...thank you

Aquamaureen - missed you so very, very much this week...I missed your colors and thoughts....I hope you will be playing soon...and the term "joybubbles" totally tickles me!!

Salvaged - I LOVE that you were running the into anything good? I love it as much as I love your piece...your garden just makes me so darn happy....once again, I love it

giraffelabel said...

another week of beautiful works! i have to admit that i am a bit jealous of all the wonderful things that i see...jealous that i didn't get to participate. i was so excited for this theme, and you all did such beautiful work! thank you for sharing! i love it all!!

Natasha said...

giraffelabel - I LOVE that you cheer so loudly - you were very, very missed but we'll be here whenever you want play ...till then know you are awesome for being so supportive!!