Thursday, May 28, 2009

Step Into A Brilliant World Of Color and Beauty Created By Phenomenally Talented, Wonderous Artists

I am in love with the creations this week. Each artist's designs filled me with a feeling of freedom. I feel free to share my thoughts, create and just be me because each artist let their imagination soar to new heights thus inspiring me to do the same. The work is absolutely breath-taking. These talented, professional, incredible artists have inspired me to let my own inner colors shine and keep reaching for the sky. Thank you, you beautiful souls.

Now, spread your wings and take a trip with me.....

Salvaged Expression created this simply beautiful piece titled, "Stone Chrysalis."

"I almost didn't make it this week," said Salvaged. "At first I had a grand scheme in mind but the more I looked at it the more I could see that it wasn't going to happen this time. So I reached in my stash of random objects for a glass flower which promptly fell apart when I tried to manipulate it. So I poured out my stash of stones. I looked at shells and lava and finally this stone reminded me of a chrysalis. I went with a slightly chaotic looking wrap and photographed it on a leaf of my big bean plant so the prehistoric butterfly will have food when it finally emerges."

Kaitlin, creator of Colors by K2, created this truly stunning piece titled, "Monarch and Daisy."

"I’ve recently been testing the waters with new materials and wanted to try my hand at polymer clay," said Kaitlin. "However, there are so many possibilities; I was getting a little bit overwhelmed about where to begin, so when I saw this week’s theme I yelled, “YES!!! That’s perfect!!!” I think I scared the dog with my exuberance =)"

"Anyway, this is the result! And the process… I first made a small slab (just under 3” and not quite square) and sanded it smooth after baking. Then transferred the outline of my design and carved out everything but the orange markings on the wings. Next came the paint! I covered the whole piece with black acrylic, making sure to fill in the cracks, then sanded to get the background effect. Second was re-painting the black on the butterfly, carving out the markings (which I left a natural terra cotta color), and applying the white paint to the spots and flower petals. I added just a touch of green to the stem to give some support, and signed (or rather, carved) and dated the back. Lastly, I baked it for 10 more minutes at a lower temp to help set the paint. It looks great displayed on a mini easel!"

Maureen, a talented artist, created this wonderfully magical piece.

"I LOVE butterflies--the actual creatures plus their inspiration as cocoon/butterfly symbol, so was delighted to see this week's prompt: on the wings of the butterfly," said Maureen. "Yet all week, I surprised myself by dragging my heels on any artistic expression. Then today, my sweet daughter Amanda said, "Mom, just do SOMEthing." And so I did. I did NOT let myself get caught up in perfectionism--I just played. And then I realized that all this week, when it felt like heel-dragging, I was really just coming out of my cocoon!!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these absolutely gorgeous pieces titled, “Morning butterfly fairy” and “Evening butterfly fairy”.

"I have been busy with the business of being busy lately, and simultaneously in a little bit of a creative vacuum," said Felicia. "Lots of other things have been occupying my time, and when I finally sit down to “create,” nothing comes. I did spend four straight days in my little garden, planting lots of lovely flowers, a task I truly enjoy. I also have a few favorite fairy figurines that have yet to be placed in said garden, and that’s what may have prompted me to do something with these two butterfly fairy silhouettes from my clip art files. Hopefully, they will sprinkle some magic fairy dust on me to get my creative juices flowing again!"

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this simply phenomenal piece.

"Natasha is always inspiring me to reach beyond the familiar," said Amanda. "This week was no exception, and it marks the beginning of my latest adventure in making journals. Although I ran into a few obstacles, I learned a lot and am excited to continue playing with this process. This particular pocket-sized journal features fabric covers, including a fun butterfly print that was too perfect to pass up for this theme."

Teri, creator of Giraffelabel, created this truly unforgettable "butterfly RUTHIE bag".

"I'm so glad that I was able to participate this week. (it's been a bit crazy with the long weekend.) But, I had so much fun when we did the safari theme, U decided to do something similar," said Teri. "I freehand cut out the butterfly shape and hand-stitched it on. Then, I added the buttons for the body. It was all so much fun. The shape of the bag (the RUTHIE) is a shape that I make often, but I tweaked it a little bit with some pleats add the sides. I always love to just do something new...and this week was no different!"

One of the things that I love most about this magical playground is that it is getting me to share things and create things time and again that I've only ever dreamed of and this week is no exception. As I sat on the beach looking out at the waves and contemplating life - which included what I would make this week - I began looking at the seashells. They are my favorite bits of joy and I remembered a time when I was about nine when I wanted to start a business making "Seashell jewelry." Every single year I am at the beach I gather all these shells in the hopes of making that dream a reality and every year they sit and collect dust. Well, not this year!

In thinking about a shell, I found myself thinking about a cocoon and what emerges from it...a butterfly. It leaves its home and soars. People are like that...they all have a time when they leave their "shell" and let themselves soar. This is the first painted shell I've ever done and I am SO excited about it....I'm really proud of me :) So in celebration of leaving "shells" behind here is a little butterfly taking flight and inside the shell - the part that would be close to your heart when you wear this necklace - are the words, "Let Your Dreams Soar." (It is on two differet multi-colored necklaces here.

Don't you want to soar through all these delights again?? Me too!!

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit them at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Great job everyone! After my move and get studio set up....I am bound and determined to get a piece on here!

Funky Monkey Girl,

lifeartdesigns said...

Hi everyone,
I hope this week finds everyone hanging in there...
I love butterflies! My favorites this week are Kaitlin's carved butterfly and Felicia's butterfly fairy silhouettes. And Natasha, I think that's the first painted sea shell necklace I have seen! How nice to have a wonderful message inside. You should put some in your shop to go woth your cards.
Thanks everyone for the great "Treats"!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


O! The works today are so loverly, even at a quick glance. :-)

Salvaged, I love the chrysalis!!! :-) Such a wonderful talisman of rebirth. :-)

Will be back to enjoy more later, but will say this now - even at a quick glance, all the beautiful colors have really brightened this grey day for me. :-)

BB & GF! :-)

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Great job everyone ...every week, everyone’s work just gets better and better –
I guess just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.
As always, it’s interesting to see how one simple theme produced such enormous creativity so different yet connected in one way ~ and the steps and thought process that everyone took in creating their masterpieces just embraced the whole beauty and transformation of being a butterfly.

Salvaged, your “thoughtfulness” is just amazing. Who else thought of feeding their butterflies?

Kaitlin, your excitement showed in your beautiful mini-sculpture – perfect!

Maureen, aren’t you lucky you have a wonderful daughter that gives you encouragement and glad she did! My 8yo loves your painting.

Felicia – I love your butterfly fairies. Another bright idea! I have to say that there’s something about your painting that always stands out ~ I have yet to discover that technique.

Amanda, what a phenomenal idea and something new – you are on a journey. Keep doing what you do and fill-in those pages with adventures and ideas.

Teri, what a colorful bag! My mom would love that! It looks like a flower meadow with a happy butterfly.

Natasha, what a gorgeous necklace perfect for my daughter! My daughter’s turning 20 tomorrow and I was just telling her to let her dream big and reach for the stars. I’m glad you’re living your dreams…

Congratulations everyone and thank you for making my day colorful!

Couldn’t play this week – been busy with my own butterflies (back to back school and community concerts) and my eyes have been bugging me – just need to get new reading glasses :0

Keep smiling =D

Marja said...

What gorgeous butterflies - each and every one!

Salvaged - you found the perfect stone! I love the way you photographed it too. So realistic!

Kaitlin - your first time w/polymer clay?? No way!! This is gorgeous and it does look fantastic on the easel.

Maureen - love how you let go of your perfectionism and played! And look at the gorgeous product!

Felicia - those are so pretty (my fave is the evening, I'm partial to blues), and I could use a bit of their magic fairy dust if they're sharing!

Amanda - love that you are trying something new, and it is so adorable!

Teri - what a perfect summer bag. Just like Jenjen's mom, my mom would also love it! :)

Natasha - love your shell jewelry and the secret message inside! So happy you're dreaming big and trying out all those things you've always dreamed of. And thanks for inspiring the rest of us to do the same.

Looking forward to participating in next weeks - my family was out here for an extended visit and I just didn't have time to play in my studio this week.

Oceanside Creations said...

Great picks! I love that bag.

giraffelabel said...

i love all of the different colors in this weeks items! as i read what you all say about the week, i find myself saying, " too!" i thought i knew what to do, then that didn't work, and life was crazy, and then something cool came out of it!

salvaged - your chrysalis is amazing! i love it! and the way you photographed it just made the whole picture clearer.

kaitlin - this was your first try at this process?!? wow! amazing! i love the way the background looks!

maureen - i love when you just "play". something beautiful and fun seems to always come out of it!

felicia - your fairies are way cool! i love how the different colors totally give the night and day feel to the overall piece.

amanda - your journal is great...and, the fabric is perfect! (i love when that happens!)

natasha - i love the surprise inside of your seashell necklace. i love that it's just "for you"... nobody has to know it's there. it's so cheerful and makes me very happy!

thanks for a great week. i needed this break today to come see all of the own little escape from reality!

Frenzy23 said...

Amazing work as always...Salvaged when I first saw that photo I thought that little guy was real!
My favorite is the morning and evening butterfly fairy pieces. The silhouettes are so perfect for the image.

Mackin-Art said...

Salvaged, your chyrsalis was the perfect start to this theme, with all the other butterflies fluttering about after!

I wasn't able to prepare a piece this week, as I was breaking free of my own chrysalis - leaving behind today's time to attend my first living history event of the season, my wings the costume of the past.

jodi said...

One of my favorite theme and I couldn't participate this week. Everyone had lovely creations. Congratulations on another great week. Hope to play next week.

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Natasha - do visit and grab some more awards!
You're the best ~ you inspire and make me smile ALL the time!

Felicia Kramer said...

Salvaged- that chrysalis and the way you photographed made it look so real! Beautiful.

Kaitlin - that technique is a keeper - Love the dimension in the piece.

Maureen - I can always count on you for something wonderfully colorful!

Amanda - Great fabric patterns. Makes me want to pull out some fabric and start sewing something again.

Teri - Love that fabric too. But I especially love the button butterfly.

Natasha - You're just like me - I have bags of shells that I'm going to do something with some day. Glad to see that you got there first - the shell and the thought are adorable!

Thanks, everyone!

Natasha said...

FunkyMonkey Girls - hello there!! SO great to see you ... good luck with the move ..I can't wait till the studio is up so you can play...I can't wait!!! Thanks for cheering...

lifeartdesigns - miss you, miss you, miss's it all going?? I will be dropping you a line....thanks for seashell necklace is so raw...this is the very first time I ever let a paintbrush touch a shell so I don't know it will be be in the shop...I just love that I did it...maybe...and maybe there will be more with more secret messages YAY!!

Phoenyx Ravenswing - miss you!!! I will be dropping you a line as well...hope to see you here soon..I know you are crazy busy though..thanks for cheering!!

Jenjen - missed you are you?? Happy Birthday to your 20 year old...may all her dreams come true...thank you so much for cheering - you are just wonderful...come play soon

Marja - missed you tons! How are you? How was the family? Can't wait for you to play...thank you for your sweet rock for cheering :)

Oceanside Creations - how are you?? Great to see you..thanks for cheering!! Will you play soon??

giraffelabel - LOVED the it, love it. love it...the colors are so have such an eye for color and pattern...I thought it was just great ...thank you for cheering and also sharing such kind words about my hidden message necklace :)

Frenzy23 - missed you this week as are you? You are awesome for cheering ... hope you play very soon :)

Mackin-Art - you were so very missed...I am totally intrigued please share more about this living that your wings were the costume of the past..beautifully are so awesome for cheering

jodi - missing you!! I know you have tons going on but I love that you came to cheer...perhaps I will have another participant choice soon so that you can create ...
hope to see you here again very soon!

Jenjen - you are WAY too good to me!! I will be by tomorrow :)

Felicia - those butterfly fairy pieces are SOOOO gorgeous...I love them will they in your shop?? I just LOVE them thank you for cheering, sharing and being you :)

meherio68 said...

O the beauty and the inspiration of this week's art!

Congratulations everyone!

Felicia Kramer said...

Natasha, yes - I'll be putting the fairies in my shop, but I have to do a few tweeks first. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi, everybody! I'm loving the cheery colors and patterns here. I missed the rest of our regular TSTers, but sometimes it's nice to have a tighter focus, too. :) Beautiful work!

lisianblue said...

I love all the butterflies and variations of! I was so excited about this theme, and did create something - it just started thundering, raining, dark dark clouds just as I was ready to go out and take photos!
But, it will be on my blog in a bit!
Natasha, I love the back
(love the front too hehe)

aquamaureen said...

I'm sitting here in the dark, my living room lit by only the glow from this site :)

Scrolling through all the butterflys was perfect--a summer storm had just whooshed through. In the space of 30 minutes, we went from a picture-perfect summer day, to wind and yellow skies, then hail, then rain, and now cool dark breezes. I'm not sure if my newly planted flowers have survived, but for now, I hold all this butterfly beauty inside me. Thank you, one and all.