Thursday, March 4, 2010

Phenomenal Artists Find Unique Ways to Make You Fall in Love with Orange


Before we begin I have two important announcements -
1. If you have not had a chance to check out the fun, new e-course that begins on March 10th please do by clicking here.
2. Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, submitted everything this week including a theme idea however she forgot to attach her image. She sent it along last night and I just loaded it in so please scroll down and take a peek.

Orange can be a challenging color to work with especially if it is something an artist does not use often. However, whether the artists represented here loved orange or not, each one rose to the challenge of using it by creating truly outstanding work. In some cases we are invited to simply enjoy the work while in others, the artists have a question and they'd love to hear from you. In all cases, you are invited to celebrate the lovely pieces these professional artists created.

I commend each and every artist for tackling this theme and creating works that are exceptional.

Please join me as we explore orange and a cirle or two :)

Maureen, a talented artist, created this beautiful piece.

"I didn't stray much from the 'orange blossom' prompt," said Maureen. "Something in me hungers so for flowery growing things. This 9x9 watercolor/wax resist just popped out on Friday and Saturday--the soonest I've ever done a TST after reading the prompt!!"

Amanda,creator of Persistent Green, created this gorgeous mixed media collage titled, "Turn Back".

"I'm still working on this one--lots going on these days, so it was nice to take time out just to play with color and my favorite gel medium," said Amanda. "There are circles here, honest! Take a peek at the abstract flowers--they're built on circles."

Felicia Kramer, created by Another Bright Idea, created this colorful, unforgettable Framed Collage titled, “Hello, Let’s Play.”

"I consider this a work in progress; I’m still not satisfied with it, but I haven’t put my finger on why, except that it seems just “too busy” – or maybe it’s all that orange!" said Felicia. "What do you think? I’m sending some detail pix because I’m not sure the dimensional pieces show up that well in the full piece."

Teri, creator of Giraffelabel, created this stunning piece which has no name yet (not sure if it will make it into the shop), but it would have to be a girl name.

"So I went with the circle part, and the orange part ended up smaller that I expected. But, there is some orange in there...including the button that I couldn't resist. This shape is totally new for me, and I'm not totally sure how i feel about it...what do you think of the circular bag?"

Bird, creator of CrowTarotTours, created this fabulous piece.

"Orange ball of furr declaring a powerful point-of-blossoming - what could be better than this?" said Bird. - In Progress
Talismans by CrowTarot -
Twitter: @CrowTarotTours

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this sensational piece.

"When I hear "orange blossoms" I think of weddings, so I designed a wedding pendant for a bride," said Trina.

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this piece.

"I started to create this awhile ago and then abandoned it. I came back to play with the flowers - the circles that were originally bubbles turned into a flower and orange played a smaller role than I anticipated. I'm still not satisfied with it. All I know is that it has something to do with pleasant surprises."

After viewing this inspiring, challenging TST are you ready to challenge yourself to create something new??

Well, the next theme was submitted by Trina. The theme is.........."Happy Birthday Dr. Suess". In honor of Dr. Suess and his March 2nd Birthday, this weeks theme is "Oh, the places you'll go."

"One of the reasons I have always loved Dr. Suess is his irrepressible belief in what is possible for each and every person (or Sneetch)," said Trina. "In his very famous words..."And will you succeed, yes you will indeed, 98 and 3/4% guaranteed". So, this week, find a way to visit some place in yourself that you've always wanted to go, then play and create and come back here to share with all of us."

Thank you for this theme, Trina! I'm looking forward to playing :)

If you have an idea for a theme that you'd love to share, please email me at


aquamaureen said...

Amanda--I love the color palette you used . . and the shine on top it all . . and the flowers look like they are dancing in the light!!

Felicia--your colors, too, are very pleasing to my eys .. I love the close-up photos you gave us to show the dimensionality .. and I think the whole picture is not necessarily "too busy"--to my eye, it is just needing a strong area of focus. Creating that might automatically delete some of what seems "busy"--

Teri-I love that you incorporated the circle into the bag's shape. From an artistic point of view, I think it's lovely. For me, bags have to be practical as well as lovely, so my only question would be to see how it "hung" when it was loaded wi th stuff. The colors are beautiful.

Bird--that adorable kitty perfectly expresses how I feel some times!!!! Nobody better mess with her!!

Natasha--I love the colors in yours, and I LOVE magc wands--I have a gold glittery one myself!!. I get what you are saying about not being satisfied with it .. It makes me think of what I said about Felicia's, maybe needing a stronger, bigger?, area of focus? There's not one area, yet, where my eye is drawn first. I love the flying girl :)

giraffelabel said...

i love what came out if this week, and i am so impressed with how well everyone used the orange!

maureen - your flower is so pretty! i absolutely love the way that the dark colors blend all the way out to yellow!
amanda - as always you show a piece with what i think is sort of an unexpected composition...does that make sense? no matter, i think it's great!
felicia - i love it! and your photos are great, too! what is the very 1st layer? maybe if the starting point was more of a solid color the other pieces would stand out more? just a thought.
bird - i am not really a cat person, but this little guy is great...such attitude! an orange ball of fur...exactly!
natasha - i love the fairy in your piece the best. she is so sweet and it looks like she is working some great magic!

Natasha said...

AHHH I thought I'd never get here today! LOL!! How are you all?

Maureen - I love this piece. I always marvel at your use of color because its always strong and beautiful. For me, the highlight of this piece is the way the colors are so warm at the center and radiate out.

Amanda - once again your use of color, style and words is fabulous. This piece fills me with a longing to blossom - I don't know if that makes sense but its a wonderful, free, hopeful feeling.

Felicia - see now this is oneof those pieces that I'm in love with. This really struck a cord with me - it didn't strike me as busy so much as I felt like some important elements were hiding. For instance my eye is drawn to the butterflies - and the word play looks like it wants to be more..whereas hello is buried. I feel like if you build that center with the butterflies and play this will pop more and let the edges be quieter so that your eye moves into the heart of the piece. Exquisite work!

Teri - I love this bag. Your pieces have been so filled with life - this bag is not exception. Personally I love the shape of it and the colors...its eye-catching and really celebrate femininity!

Bird! I am not a cat person and yet I adore this cat daughter wants to bring this kitty home. It's so clever, great piece!

Thank you for your comments Maureen and Teri as well. Maureen I used a different background color too which I think will help make this piece pop and make the fairy the center because the focus should be on the different flower and her expression. Thank you to you and Teri for your comments and for making me think through this piece.

Felicia Kramer said...

I took a peek earlier and thought I would come back in a little bit to comment and now here it is almost bedtime...

So quickly:
Lovely colors, both Maureen and Amanda. Not hard to see the mother/daughter connection this time.

Teri, I like that circular bag. I don't know if you meant it that way but it would a great gift for a younger girl. It would be a bit too dainty for an old ------ like me! LOL

Bird, that's a scary kitty! Great pic, though.

Natasha, I think it's sweet!

Thank you SO much everybody for the constructive comments on my piece. That really helps! Amazing how others can see things that you don't, yes? I'm going to keep working on that one.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Yikes, another busy day! Finally made it back here to bask in all the glowing orange.... I'm loving it. :)

Thanks for the lovely comments, as always. You are all so supportive! We are a fantastic group, aren't we?? :)

Aqua: this piece is so full of life and warmth. As Natasha said, that strong center bleeding outward is really dramatic.

Felicia: what a fun piece! I think Natasha's suggestions were really spot-on here. My eye dances around the piece, which is fun and exciting, but I also want to find a place where my eye can rest. Does that make sense? Regardless, I really enjoyed this and would love to see where you take it.

Teri: this is such a soft and pretty bag. I personally prefer your designs with more dramatic styles, but of course there's a time and a place (and a type of person) for a softer look too! Nicely done.

Bird: your little kitty gave me such a laugh! That is some serious fierceness! What a moment to capture. Wow.

Tash: isn't it funny how some pieces come together immediately, while others take us through more of a process and a journey? This little angel is so sweet. I would love to see her bigger in relation to the flowers, since she's the star of this piece to me.

I'm a little stumped by next week's challenge so far, but looking forward to stretching myself! Thanks, Trina!

lisianblue said...

Maureen, I want to eat that beautiful orange blossom, it almost reminds me of an orange - the inside of an orange split up in sections, and yet I know it's a wonderful flower - it's just such a lucsious orange!

Amanda - yes I see the circles in this bright and lively piece.

Felicia - I love the start - except my eyes are drawn to the blank spot 1st - I know there's something hidden back there - at least I think there could be???

Teri - yeah I could go for a round purse, and I love that material!!

Bird - mmmmmm mmmmm
I LOVE IT!!! besides being a cat person - I just love the whole thing!

Natasha - it's adorable - maybe some glitter??? or some sunny rays in the left upper corner??? actually, I think what is not working, for me, is the added flower???? You do such wonderful drawings, the added flower almost seems like you are trying to cover something up!!

I was working on a photo collage that kept hanging up my computer! My wonderful Easter Cactus bloomed for me the other day providing the perfect orangish blossom - although not round.
Dr Suess!!!! YES I love Dr Suess.