Thursday, March 18, 2010

The New Works of Talented, Exceptional Artists Make You Long to Lie Under Blue Skies and Dream

Each of these pieces made me want to jump out of my chair, run to the park, lay on a field of grass, close my eyes and let my imagination paint its own blue sky. These sensationally talented artists celebrate the blue sky that exists within their heart and mind.

Let us bask in the dreams created when we gaze upon a blue sky...

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this magnificent untitled art journal collage.

"Wow, this week went by fast!" said Amanda. "I'm not too thrilled with my submission--can't expect much more, since I gave myself so little time to play. Oh well, it was still nice to take a few minutes (after a wonderful walk in the sunshine) and be grateful for blue blue sky."

Felicia, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this phenomenal piece titled, “Celebrate children”.

"While working on an assignment for Natasha’s writing course, I spent some time at a new children’s park in the city today," said Felicia. "I loved the park, but one thing that struck me was that on the list of donors plaque some families had included quotes or short phrases. So I pulled the phrases out and turned them into an imaginary signpost for the park, set against a blue sky, of course! (I wrote about the park in more detail on my blog:"

Maureen, a talented artist, created this wonderful piece.

"This week, my 'peaceful, bluesky, relaxed' piece started out because I was either really really mad or really really sad--can't remember which!! Wise daughter, aka Amanda/Persistent Green, told me to PAINT!" said Maureen. "I had only 5 minutes before I had to head out the door, so I scribbled with the wax resist crayon and literally slapped on paint. Later that night and the next day, I layered more paint. As soon as I scribbled the wax resist, I KNEW the final design would be pleasing. Something in my gut was saying that the mad/sad was NOT in charge, but my native love and joy WAS. Then, the last touch was adding the words. I wish these colors copied better, because the original has luscious islandly turquoises . . oh well."

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this unforgettable piece.

"Natasha, here's to your Spring!" said Trina. "I hope it comes soon, too. My contribution to the wish is a sterling silver flower that I hand formed from wire. I added blue and white dangles for color."

Natasha, creator of Doodlestar, created a new journal.

This journal is all about playing and daydreaming. It is not finished. I'm laying down the fabric later today but the inside is done and I wanted you to see the cover. Blue sky dreams :)

Has viewing all these blue sky wonders made you want to challenge yourself to create something new??

Well, the next theme is.........."Happiness is a ...". The only requirement within this theme is that you need to use an assortment of colors...think rainbows and happiness :)


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Sooo nice on this oh-so-gray day! Yesterday was shockingly warm and sunny (upper sixties, I think) it's back to chilly and gray. Typical South Dakota!

Anyway, thank you all for this burst of sunshine and blue!

Felicia: what a sweet message. Our city park has signs like this too, but written on the slats of a fence..I've always loved that.

Aqua: ha ha, now you can't whine if I tell you "GO PAINT" again! ;) Love that something so peaceful and fluid came from a moment of turmoil.

Trina: I LOVE your flower! So cool how the center is formed from the petals--I've never seen that before. Then that little pop of blue is just perfect.

Tash: Ahhh, just think of all the dreamy thoghts that will be written in this journal. It's the epitome of spring!

And the next theme.....ohhhh, this one will be fun. :D

Er, I mean, lots of color? However will I do that? I'm a black'n'white girl! (...ha ha ha...)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

make that "thoughts"...I'm not sure what a "thoght" is but it sounds uncomfortable.... ;)

Trina said...

I really like this theme, it seemed to bring out a great set of work, and one that is so much more "cohesive" than any I've seen yet. I'm so surprised at all the similarities this week, when usually the work is so different from each other! How cool!

Amanda, I really like the tissue paper collage you have been doing. Some of my very favorite children's illustrators/authors work in that medium, and it has always loved the effect. It is absolutely PERFECT for sky and clouds! I also like the fact that your sun is so vibrant, not just plain ol' yellow.

Felicia, I have been watching this piece of yours over on our writing group, and while I haven't had a chance to do any in depth reading yet, I was instantly taken with the photographs. They are both beautiful and thought provoking. The quote at the top of the signpost really struck me. It is so true, and so important to remember with all of today's uncertanties. Thank you for the reminder.

Maureen, I love your watercolors. Had you not shared that this one was done in a hurry, I never would have guessed. You used a color palatte in this one that speaks to me in a powerful way, and your words are perfect. Thanks for listening to your daughter and for sharing with us.

Natasha, I love your journals. Everytime I see one, I want one for me. I can almost see some of the prompts that might go into one with this cover... The one that comes to mind is "What's hiding behind the clouds?"

I can't wait to see what next week will bring...I'm looking forward to playing with color!

Erica said...

beautiful submissions as always.

I hope to find time to participate in next weeks TST because happiness and bright colors sound like tons of fun to me!


as a dreamer your journal is very appealing, that fabric is fabulous!


What a beautiful spring pendant! looking at it makes me happy!

Erica said...

published too soon

maureen- This embodies blue skies!

Felicia- Awesome! What fun! It is amazing what children do for us!

Amanda- you may not be thrilled with your submission but I think it is really beautiful. I love the shade of blue you chose and how you made the sky out of a collage of tissue paper.

Natasha said...

Amanda - you just made me laugh SO hard...I love thoghts especially the dreamy ones LOL! We need to make a dictionary and that will be our first word entry...please define. Thank you soo totally makes me feel like Spring.

See I know you said you weren't thrilled with your piece but I was...I am. I love the colors - is that tissue paper? I love the effect and the scribbled sun is sooo playful it makes me happier than you know!! Super black and white girl - ok that made me collapse in giggles if! I can't wait to see what color you bring into the world next week!

Trina - I don't know what it is about this piece (this piece and your last one) but I'm in love. This IS Spring to make me happy but this one has such a unique center...that's what makes me chair dance. This is an inspiring piece...I'm a HUGE fan!! As for your words about my journal - well you just made my day and I will include that prompt and give YOU it

Erica - YAY!! Thank you for your words on mhy journal - Trina made my day and you made my week. Amanda mentioned that fabric too ..isn't it great. I fell in love with it completely...doesn't happiness and color sound like a blast?? I can't wait to see what you create!

SOOO excited for us all to play WHOOOOHOOO

Natasha said...

Maureen - I'm SOOOO glad Amanda got you to paint..look at the magic you created!! The details, the playful lines and the mixture of color make this piece a celebration...I love that out of something either mad or sad, beauty was born.

Felicia - this might be one of my favorite pieces from you. Truly! I am going to come read the story but I love this - I love the playground, the words, how you put this together, the story it tells on its own...this is a gorgeous, finished piece...I just want to see it everywhere...

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Trina: thanks! I've been totally addicted to this tissue paper method for the past couple of weeks. I think it's because the process is so unpredictable, like my marbling--you just have to work intuitively, and sometimes you get disappointed, but more often than not you're surprised by something that just "appears" in front of you. :)

Erica: aww, thank you! I think was just frustrated because I could done more with more time--but sometimes simple is good too. Thanks for this reminder. :)

Tasha: ha! Have you ever played the game Balderdash? They give you really obscure words, and you all make up funny or wild definitions...then everybody has to guess which one is real. It's hilarious. So, thoght (thaw-git): a painful condition caused by concentrating so hard that your eyes pop out of your head. Thoght. ;)

Anyway, thanks for your sweet comments too! Yes, this is a mixture of tissue paper and markers.

aquamaureen said...

Hello, sweet TST friends. As Amanda said (who lives only a long walk away), these entries are truly welcome on a day which started springlike, and ended with cold rain and spitting snow.

Amanda--I fully understand your delight in working with tissue paper--I've played with it a lot, and love the vibrant color along with the transparency. And I love that you didn't do the sun in traditional colors. However you did the swirls of the sun ball, it really made a 3-D feel.

Felicia--I agree with the others. I think this is one of your most compelling creations. Truly these are signposts for life: live it fully, NOW. I look forward to seeing more about this on our writing site (I've been off it a couple days due to computer poopiness)

Trina--the flower must be more of your hand-hammered work. Wow. I can't quantify exactly what it is that appeals to me so much about it--maybe it's that I can almost feel the presence of your hands, making this shape . . and that swirl in the center--it's both the end and the beginning . . I love this.

Tasha--a journal like that would just INSIST the writer play and dream and wonder and wander. The figures/squiggles on and around the clouds are wonderful. I can almost see faces peeking out . . and I love how the fabric would feel . .

And a big WOOOOOHOOOO for our next prompt . . gee: happiness, and lots of colors . . .that will be hard (hehehehehehehe) but I'll try my best :)

And BTW, I think I experienced a "thoght" earlier. Good to know now what it was!!!!! Thanks for clearing up that mystery, Amanda!!

lisianblue said...

lololo Amanda - I love that "thoght" and your definition and how to pronounce it!!

and that sun is swimming in a pool of such wonderful layers of aqua

and Maureen's quick scribble and beautiful blues and greens -

and still jealous of those that are able to produce some really cool pieces with quick scribbles and basically stick figures! and allowing much of the process to transform the work.............

Felicia - I love this!!! The top sign and the bottom sign especially - a yellow park!!! wow! What a great way to combine these little quotes left by others with a great blue sky behind them.
Trina - that is a wonderful sun, and a bit of blue - nice departure from the chainmaille!!!!

Natasha - love that material - did you add the little blue squiqqles??? Makes me want to go play in the clouds, and maybe even swing from a star!! hehe
ok we gotta see the finished journal!
My daughter and her 2 have been here since Tues (YAY!) so, I've been playing with the kids instead of creating anything -
Great idea for this weeks theme! This one and the next!

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

Love all the blues (especially the teal and aqua). It is such a happy color!

SalvagedExpression said...

Man I missed another good one. I'm hoping to be back next week after I finish these custom orders! Beautiful work everyone!

Natasha said...

Amanda! I LOVE the way you say the word as much as I love the definition! Priceless!! LOL...and I've heard of the game but never played now I REALLY want to...soooo funny!!

Maureen - thank you for your words about my journal I'm smiling from ear to ear! I loved your piece - those colors speak to me ;)

Lisian! No I didn't make the squiggles they were on the fabric which is part of the reason I fell in love with it. It's awesome right? I will share the final journal. How's the fam? I love that they are there and you are all playing enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Sal! I've missed you but glad to see it's custom orders keeping you busy - GO YOU! When you are done come play!!!