Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Important TST Update

If you haven't had a chance to weight in on the Imagine post below please take a peek. It's a fun one!

It appears that this Thursday I will be unable to be around to play BOOO!! But I will return on Friday as will the TST. So if you are currently making a piece for tomorrow you get 1 more day YAY!!!!!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I will see you, the TST and the new theme on Friday, March 12th.

Happy Crafting Everyone!!


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

No problem Tash--just hang in there! We'll be here. :)

Big hugs.

Trina said...

HUGE (((((((((HUGS)))))))) coming your way. I've got them on "speed-dial" for you.

Hang in there, Tash, we'll be here.


lisianblue said...

lolo oh I was so close to being finished, but hadn't read this - still not finished - spent most of the day with my son - his birthday today! And, Ms Natasha, Nichole loves the card! Item is close enough to being done I could have taken pictures - getting dark now - mmmmmmaybe with lights in a bit!
Like my cherry tree story, huh!? It was a sweet cherry tree, with pretty pink flowers and the yummiest cherries - I'd sit in the tree and eat the cherries on the lower part, and the birds would hang out in the upper branches................we had a great time in the tree. I could tell you so many more stories about that tree! The places I went in that tree!

Natasha said...

Amanda and Trina - thank you for that!! It's been a little bit of a rollercoaster but for the first time in what feels like forever I'm smiling and not worried. ALL of my friends have written to say they can "hear" the shift feels good to be coming back to me. Watch out there's a crazy big email coming toward you both !!! Thanks again!!

Lisian - no worries it's been that kind of a crazy week eh?? I LOVE that she loves the card - that makes me happy :) I soo want to hear more tree stories too :)