Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happiness, Color, Celebration - These Artist Works Have All of That and a Whole Lot More!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: When you have a moment, please visit Amanda's blog, Persistent Green, to hear more about an exciting project we have been working on! There will be more about it on this blog this weekend!

The works created for this theme will make you rejoice. It will make you lean into your computer screen to breathe in the colors. It will make you hug someone just a little tighter today. It will make you want to dance in the streets. This theme is love, color, Spring and celebration.

These artists created some of the most magnificent pieces. You will want to take them all home, to wear them, hang them and treasure them forever. A BIG thank you to these professional, talented artists. This work is simply fantastic.

Come bask in a bit of color and a whole lot of happiness....

Iris, creator of Iris O'Connor, created these delightful bits of beauty. (I'd also like to welcome Iris back! She was one of the first TST players when I started this and she's been very missed!)

"The houses are cut out of timber now so they are proper little houses with a nice little story to go with it," said Iris. "The houses in the photo need some minor details done to them - like 2 coats of varnish - but they will be available in my shop from early next week."
that's a link to one of the Ballinasnoot houses with the story in my Etsy shop :D

My blog:

Maureen, a talented artist, created this truly stunning piece.

"Happiness is a . . . box (or two) of new markers. Results: 11 x 17 inches of pure joy," said Maureen.

Jodi Horgan, creator of Beaded Art to Wear, created this magnificent piece.

"Happiness is SPRING," said Jodi. "I've been thinking a lot about flowers. Beautiful green shoots are starting to poke their heads out of the ground. I created this "flower" ring with silk soutache trim, crystals and beads."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this mixed media art journal page titled, "Happiness is Here."

"Happiness, for me, is remembering to be grateful for THIS moment--not always leaning into the future, or backwards to the past," said Amanda. "If onlys and someday-whens can destroy finding peace and joy right here, right now. So, happiness is here!"

Natasha, creator of Doodlestar, created this piece.

"I LOVE the way the background in this piece came out. The colors are what's within me - the longing and wish for Spring. But the people fell short LOL. I will be reworking but I had SUCH fun playing."

Has viewing all these colorful treasures made you want to create something new??

Well, the next theme is.........."Flowers for a Friend". Celebrate the beauty and blossoming of flowers and friendship!


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi, TST-ers! I can't think of a better way to celebrate this amazing day than with all this color and life and happiness.

If you have a moment, please stop by my blog to check out a HUGE announcement from me and Natasha!

Now, on to comments...

Iris! It is SO good to have your amazing work here again! I absolutely adore your colorful village. Someday, when I have a little extra cash, I WILL own one of your houses.

Aqua: ooooh, this is one of my favorites from you for sure! This is a glorious explosion of color and boldness--just like you. My favorite part has to be that little burst of squiggles with white space all around. It really stands out.

Jodi: wowza, that's a statement! I love the flower concept and the way this unfurls.

Tasha Doodle: aww, they are so cute! Don't worry, soon we'll have sunshine and flowers and warmth...hang in there. :)

jodi said...

Color, color everywhere. Just love it.

Iris - I love the houses. The pastels remind me of all the houses in Bermuda.

Maureen - There is nothing like new markers. I love that they now come in so many wonderful colors. My kids think so too, I think that is why we have about a million markers.

Amanda - Your description about being grateful this moment really speaks to me right now. I've been beating myself up lately about so many things that I'm trying to remind myself that I need to be happy for the moments right now. Happiness is here right now.

Natasha - Your piece reminds me of the comic strip "Love is". Do you remember this or am I dating myself. For example, your would be Love is ... still holding hands after all these years.

I was great to be back playing this week. Although I think my piece might have been better for next week's theme. Maybe I'll just have to make another flower ring or maybe pin. So many options.

Happiness is ... Thursday Sweet Treat!

Natasha said...

Amanda - your piece spoke to me as well. Happiness is's such a wonderful invitation to celebrate the moment right now. I keep coming back to this thought - thank you for it. As always your work always inspires and makes me think long after I viewed the piece. That's good art and writing!

Jodi - I LOVE this piece. What an explosion of color, lines, and Spring. It's truly one of the most sensational pieces you've created. I'm sorry you have been beating yourself up - you are so amazing. I send you BIG hugs and a reminder that even when you are being mean to you (and aren't we all mean to ourselves from time to time - it's that EVIL Inner Critic we all have!!) there are folks out here who think you are simply wonderful. Also I don't think I know that cartoon but Jodi those were the EXACT words that went through my head - Love is..and my thought was "Love is friendship." How crazy is that??

Maureen - this is hands down my absolute favorite piece by you - period. I LOVE it - the colors and designs are stupendous. They just reach off the page and grab me in an embrace that screams - rejoice!

Iris - Iris, Iris, Iris - I've not only missed YOU a great deal, I've missed your work. Oh I just love it - those houses are amazing and love that you are doing them in timber. They pop..truly pop this is great work. Sending you BIG hugs!!! YAY!!

Iris O'Connor said...

Hi guys :)))))))))))

long time no see... you and your amazing artwork!
thank you all for your wonderful and warm comments. I must say that the week I decided to come back to 'play' was just perfect as I love colours and rainbows.
Just like Maureen's artwork and YES! new markers are the bees knees!

And I must say I have the greatest of respect for Jodie and her ability to make such amamzing jewelry!
Amanda, you were alway colourful ( if I remember correctlym, which I think I do) and you are getting stronger with your statements. Great stuff :)
Natasha....your art always makes me smile, always has and always will do:)
just something you should see first thing afer waking up!!

I'm hoping to participate on a weekly basis but have a lot of other keep your fingers crossed.
I really got into photography this last year and hopefully this will be what you are going to see from now on.
you can see all my pics on flickr:

I'm always grateful for constructive criticism though!

until soon ♥

Natasha said...

Iris I know you are busy but I've still got everything crossed that you can play each week! I LOVE your photography - what got you into it? The hearts on the clothesline as sooo gorgeous I want it. I also love the chains...I hope to see your photos week and week after cray week - again so good to see you again!

aquamaureen said...

Fellow artists--so sorry I didn't get here in a timely manner to comment on everyone's work--it's been a weird and challenging work. Just know that I looked at each offering in detail, and very much enjoyed the beauty and individuality each of you expressed.