Monday, November 8, 2010

Do You Think I'm Crazy?

Do you think I'm crazy? I would too! I'm all..."Hey guys, do you want to play?" Then, I disappear. Then, I come back, apologize for disappearing, set a date to begin playing and disappear again. I mean really? You must be wondering if I'm totally bonkers. Well, I'm happy to report I'm not LOL...well not totally at least. Please allow me to explain.

One afternoon not long ago, my son went from feeling 100% fine to feeling extremely sick in a VERY short amount of time. He suffered a seizure in my arms and went into the hospital. I'm not going to lie it was one of the scariest times of my life but he has recovered and is back home. He is doing exceptionally well as is my other little munchkin. There have been other challenges that we have been facing but so long as the four of us are all healthy and able to crack a joke or two,(luckily my husband and I have dark, crazy humor so we can find laughter in the wildest situations) we can pretty much overcome anything.

So, here I am again and I say to you I'm sorry for not being around. I promise you that this week we will begin playing - I can't wait! And this place will finally come to life again.

Thanks for understanding. So I ask you...and I mean it...are you ready to play??? I am ...we will begin this week...for sure!!!

Drop me a line when you can and let me know how life has been treating you.

TST Tasha


Rowena said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry things got so scary, but I'm glad that everyone's okay. I'm always on the verge of chaos over here, but I guess that is the status of a life in the middle of being lived.

Live Through the Lens said...

TASH! I hope you and the little nugget are ok! But luckily you know how to keep smiling :)

I miss you!
~ Judy

Natasha said...

Rowena!!!! I've missed you it's awesome to see you here. Yes, it was crazy's a serious relief to be where we are are so funny ...I want to hear about your chaos ...I want to hear about your whole life...I'm coming to play this week fo' sure!

JUDY!! JUDY!! JUDY!! I miss the freakin' crap out of you...we NEED to hang in a very serious way. I will be dropping you a line this week ....oh, we need some jazz hands and a big ole make me smile buddy!


aquamaureen said...

Tasha--sooooooooooooooo good to hear from you . . no, I never thought you were crazy, just a mom/wife/artist/person!!!!!! Like Rowena said, a person in the middle of living life.

We are ALL trying to figure out how to "fit in" all the stuff we are involved in . . I wonder if maybe sometimes we don't value the fullness of some of what we are already committed to . . . I have always felt that mothering was MORE than a full-time endeavor . . and especially when we try to live each day as artfully as we know how . .

anyhoo, I am GLAD GLAD GLAD to hear from you, and to know that your dear new little one is okay .. and I'm ready to play, whenever you are ..

Natasha said...

Aqua!! BIG HUGS to you!!! Thank you...yes mothering is's WAY more than full-time....I see the importance of creating and mothering ...It's hard to balance but so let's play!!