Thursday, November 18, 2010

Artists Create Images That Will Dance In Your Head

Clearly, I'm still adjusting to how time works with two little ones LOL! I'm so thrilled to say hello again! Welcome back to the TST. This website will be changing within the next few month but for now, let's get started!!

I'm so proud to share the unique, truly sensational works created by incredibly talented artists that I love!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the dance.....

Maureen, a truly talented artist who celebrates life created this joyful piece.

"It seems very appropriate that this first TST prompt, after our 'time out for life' break, should be one that reawakens my awareness of the power of art, running through our veins," said Maureen.

"This first prompt didn't move me. This gal gets Tasha's juices flowing, but she just didn't do anything for me. But I wanted to do SOMEthing . . so was gonna paint a wild-and-swirly something-or-other, because that's what the gal's hair made me think of. So, I listened to the video one more time and headed for my paints . . and what came out was NOTHING like my rational brain was planning, and yet, it was exactly right. Just what I needed. When my ears heard "the dog days are over," my heart heard "the dark days are over," because I've been climbing out of a veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry deep hole, emotionally, and can finally see daylight. Not surprisingly, this piece demanded (very nicely) to be framed, and will hang somewhere on my new mandarin walls.

I know we are supposed to keep our comments to 2-3 sentences, and I'll do that in future, but I just HAD to share how this prompt (on the surface no big deal) really touched me in my artist's soul."

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea and the NEW More bright Ideas, created this unforgettable piece titled, “Staccato”.

"No earth-shattering significance in this piece, except that the images dancing in my head are chaotic – staccato – too much to do and not enough time to do it in," said Felicia. "At the same time I long for calm and serenity but don’t see it on the horizon for quite a while.

One of the reasons for that busy-ness in my life: I opened a second etsy shop (morebrightideas) and moved all of my more craft-oriented items over, along with some new items that are recycled/repurposed. My original shop (anotherbrightidea) now has only my digital creations, photography, greeting cards and ACEOs. I’m SO glad I did it, and the new shop is getting a lot of traffic, but now my original shop is wasting away! I have to give it some new attention and new work."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created "Quirk," a gorgeous mixed media wall hanging, seven inches across.

"First, I have to say (shout?!) how thrilled I am to be playing here again--I can't wait to "see" everybody!" said Amanda. "My first thought about the video was "Wow, that is one confident woman!," and I wanted to celebrate the concept of embracing your quirkiness instead of hiding it. This piece is part of a new series I'm developing called "Medallions," which feature vibrant color and pattern, along with inspiring words."

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created these fun crayons.

"When I listen to Florence and the Machine, I think fierce, colorful thoughts. Thus, these lion crayons were born. I want to create wild images with them!" (to be open again soon)

(Working on getting clearer images. These were taken with children hanging on me LOL)

Don't these new creations leave you with fun, bubbling thoughts??

Next week will be Thanksgiving YAY!!! So, tomorrow I will post a new theme that will make you dance and bask in love!!! That theme won't be revealed till Thursday, December 2nd!! Wow...December already??


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hello, lovely ladies! So good to have our community meeting up again...

Tasha, I'm convinced you're a wonder woman no matter what you do, so thanks for carving out the time in your bustling life to keep TST afloat!

Maureen/Mom: ooh, such warm and comforting colors--perfect to adorn your walls as we head into winter. I'm so delighted you're discovering that daylight deep within--it shines brilliantly in this luscious piece. My favorite part is the ragged edge on the third masked line--I know you told me on the phone it was an "oops," but I think it's beautiful...sometimes our radiance shines even more brightly where we're vulnerable and ragged.

Felicia: hello!! Wow, congratulations on opening your second shop. Sounds like a wonderful step of progress in your online selling. This piece is beautiful and moody--you may be searching for serenity, but I find it here, in your lovely blues and greens.

Tash--ohh, those crayons are fierce! I bet the little notches in his mane would make great lines when you draw with them. Love those fiery colors!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Yipee! I'm glad the playground's back. You ladies are amazing.
Tash, call me :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

aquamaureen said...

Tasha--I very much understood why you needed some time away from TST . .. but oh, am I ever so glad you are back, and WE are back!!

Felicia--I just lovedlovedloved the colors in your piece. The effect made me think of batik, which is one of my favorite "textures" . . and wow, you are moving forward with a second shop--good for you!!

Amanda--I purely LOVED your piece--it took me by surprise because I had no idea you were working on a line like that. I see so many possibilities . . and I have a feeling this sort of thing will sell well . . what a bright and delightful way to have an inspirational thought nearby.

Natasha--how do you make crayons?? can they really be used to color?? my fingers are itching already at the thought of using something like that to draw with, instead of boring old skinny tubular crayons!!

wooooohooooooo gals--we are back!!

Felicia Kramer said...

Hi Maureen and Amanda! Nice work, as always. Good to see you again. And Natasha ... sweet Natasha. So nice to see YOU again. Hopefully, all the old gang will slowly come drifting back and our TST will be bustling once again.

Take care!

Trina said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't play this week! We got knocked sideways by a windstorm and were without power for a couple of days, and needless to say...I didn't get much of anything completed this week.

I'm so glad that we are back, though, I can't wait for tomorrow's theme reveal, and hopefully, the lights will stay on, in my house and in my head, and I'll be able to play.

Maureen, I'm so glad to hear that you can see the light at the eend of your dark days. Your work is alway so colorful and bright, but this piece really reminds me of rays of sunshine. I'm so glad you decided to frame it for yourself.

Felicia, best of luck with your new shop. I have heard that seperating things out is often very successful. I love the work that you do with the digital photography, and hope that continues to do well, also. I love the colors in this piece, the greens and blues really speak to me.

Amanda, What a cool idea! This medallion is like a small snippet of wonderful, I love it! The colors are so bright and vibrant, and I love the saying -- I am so all about embracing my quirks! Thank you for validating that.

Natasha, what cool crayons. I have some personal knowledge of how wonderful they are to color with, and I can imagine that these lovely lions are no different. I like the bright yellow and orange combination, especially for that shape.

Again, I'm so happy to be back, and happy to "visit" with all of you again.


SalvagedExpression said...

Hoping to comment in more detail later. I couldn't participate this week because I'm redoing my studio (just organized my yarn again yesterday) but I'm so glad that TST is back!

Natasha said...

YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! Cartwheels all around the TST!!

I'm SOO happy to see you wonderful ladies and your gorgeous works ;)

Maureen, not only do I LOVE the colors - they are the colors inside you for sure- I LOVE that you LOVED what you created enough to frame it. That inspires the crap out of me!! Oh and thank you for your comments on the crayons I have a whole series of them coming to my shop and YES they color well! My daughter colors with them all the time!!

Felicia, first a BIG YAY for your new store...I went to visit and I LOVE it...I love all your work and am so excited to see you take off. The colors in this piece remind me of the makes me want to dive in deep. Gorgeous!

Amanda, this is AWESOME! Any encouragement to celebrate quirks makes me want to dance and let loose. The design itself is great - its a fabulous idea and I do think its going to be a hit...I can't wait to see more!!

Jenjen - I'm going to give you a jingle on Monday - love that you were here to cheer.

Trina, you were sooo missed but I'm sooo glad you are safe! That's the most important thing!!

Sal, I've missed you buddy I want to hear about the studio!! We need a catchup session!