Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stellar Artists Celebrate the Wonder of the Butterfly

Much like butterflies, we are small but mighty this week. The incredible works that were created by these professional artists celebrate the delicate beauty and wonder of butterflies. I am simply in love and in awe of the magic within these creations.

Spread your wings, it's time to fly through these amazing works!

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this gorgeous mixed media in progress.

"My butterfly didn't quite make it off the bus yet!" said Amanda. "I just ran out of time this week, but was definitely inspired by the concept. I'm excited to continue with this piece and utilize the same style I recently discovered."

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this stunning earring and pendant set and a striking pair of earrings.

"I had such big plans this week to write a story to go along with my pieces, something about the Butterfly meeting up with her friends Dragonfly and Ladybug and going to visit the colorful flower garden," said Trina. "Well, the story remains in my head, and as you can see, so does the my ladybug piece. But I have an earring and pendant set with butterflies and flowers and wonderful rainbow dragonfly earrings that did get made. Too much fun!"

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this piece.

I am now a part of the amazing Art Journal Love Letters experience which is taught by the incredible Connie, creator of Dirty Footprint Studio. Amanda, creator of Persistent Green and my teaching partner-in-crime, who has also taken the course introduced me to Dirty Footprints. I have been art journaling for awhile and wanted to take my work to the next level and this workshop seemed like the perfect way to do that. I'd always wanted to work with photos but never got around to it.This is my first attempt and I love the way it came out.

The writing on the page reads:
The enchantress unfurls her wings and flutters along the shore. She marvels at the beauty of the curling waves and the majesty of small creatures while dancing through streams of fading sunlight. When the moon rises and the stars beckon she will answer, wishing only for another day to explore the gifts of the Universe.

Are you feel as though you need to spread your creative wings? Well so am I!

This week's theme is "Sea Celebration". With all that is happening to the ocean and it's beautiful creatures with this horrendous oil spill, I thought we would find a way to celebrate the beauty of the sea. Create a piece that reflects your love of the water or one of its creatures. The only requirement is to use glitter somewhere within the piece. Have a wonderful time celebrating the beauty and life of the water!


Frenzy23 said...

Amanda - What a wonderful swirly collection of colors! It almost reminds me of watercolors. It's bright and elegant at the same time.

Trina- I love the dragonfly, but the butterflies are so pretty too. You have a way with detail!

Natasha - That painting looks like it has every color of the rainbow in it, and your words describe a beautiful butterfly perfectly. It sounds like the way everyone should strive to view the world.

I left a longer comment, but it didn't work and I got lazy and typed a shorter one lol. I try!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Oops--just lost a comment here to an "error 404." Sigh.

I was saying how grateful I am for this week's art, but perhaps even moreso for the reminder of a butterfly's isn't always an easy one, right? Some days it may even look as if all hope is lost. But then, one day, the cocoon bursts into amazing butterfly.

We, the TST family, are all growing and transforming every day...and it's a privilege to share that process with people on a parallel path. I'm glad to know you all.

I'm really thankful for this reminder, Tasha. Hugs!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Trina: I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to write your story, but I SEE it here anyway! Those dragonfly earrings make me really happy. I love the trail of colorful links, like the shining flight of the dragonfly.

Tasha: WOW! I am so thrilled that you've joined us over at Art Journal Love Letters! It's a fabulous community. If this is your first attempt, then I'm so excited to see what happens next! This spread is so...soul-tugging. Haunting. That angel-glow around the little girl really grabs me. Her tiny wings are both delicate and strong--just like you. Amazing! I can't wait to see where this journey leads you.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Oh, and by the way (not trying to monopolize the comment form! lol)--love the next theme! What a sweet way to address the awful situation going on right now.

Aaaaand....what a blast from the past. I looooved me some Little Mermaid. :) (Under da seaaa...)

SalvagedExpression said...

Sorry I wasn't here this week I've been...well busy and then my computer crashed so it was just a no go! Hope to comment in detail later!

Natasha said...

Frenzy you are AWESOME! I love that you are here and that you re-typed the comment...that was so not lazy! LOL! This painted photo is of my daughter 2 years ago was such an honor for me to paint it in colors I see all around her. You have exciting things happening with the Love Bugs too - everyone should check out her blog and site and jump on the Love Bug train!!!

Amanda you are a RIOT!! Big hugs to you .... i LOVED your butterfly I can't wait to see where it goes (my daughter was in awe of it she stared at it for quite some time) and I agree with the way we see butterflies!! Thank YOU for sharing your growth and transformation here...its VERY clear something is happening with our art and I LOVE are inspiring me constantly. Oh and I mentioned this above but that pic is of my daughter 2 years's how I saw/see her in those colors. This was the first time I'd ever done anything like that...I'm proud of it little kid proud you know all filled with joy LOL...and the next theme will so rock if we all make something...I feel helpless to the disaster.

Sal - we MISSED YOU!!!!! But TOTALLY understand ...I love seeing you here and hope you come back to play again later.

BIG, Butterfly hugs to you and lots of love all around :)

lisianblue said...

WOW - WISE "OLD" WOMEN - even tho some of you are not so old - you are all so wise -
Amanda - that gorgeous butterfly may still be on the bus - but when she figures out where to plant her wings, I'm sure it will be a very suitable place.
Trina - the butterflies around the colorful rings looks like a butterfly resting on a flower and I love what you did with the dragonflies!
Natasha - this sweet little angelic cherub and your writing, has me almost in tears - good tears! your ability to see the beauty in so much of the world is such a wonderful gift.
It's been a rough week here - I'm not moving, in fact, I'm staying put - but my daughter & her kids are moving here - and then maybe a year from now, we will head up to Colorado.
I started 2 different butterflies on an art quilt I started years ago - which led to me rethinking how I want to put a butterfly on it - so maybe some other time it will be a submission!
For now - there are a couple of little butterflies on the way to NY with a little pkg for Doodle and the bunny! it left here Tues.
I love the theme for this coming week! It is sooo sad what has happened, the ocean does need lots of healing energy sent it's way!
Happy, safe and wonderful 4th everyone!

Natasha said...

Lisian!! I'm SOOO happy to see you here...I'm so sorry it's been a rough's a SUPER, BIG hug for you
Is not moving a good thing or bad? I know that having your daughter and grandkids close will be good for you and for them. I send you all lots of love :)

Thank you for your words - you have NO idea how deeply you touched me and I'm so excited about the Doodle's treat - she's going to lose her mind!!!

You are amazing and yes there will be a time to submit the art quilt although truth me told I want to see it now...hehehehe...I'm like a kid :)

Love and hugs to everyone :)

Natasha said...

Trina!! I LOVED your work this week - the butterflies are adorable but those dragonflies are OUT OF THIS WORLD! I love them the Doodler said, "Mama we need them. We should get them right?" The answer YES!! AND I still want to hear your stories :)

aquamaureen said...

Yes, a small group this week, but as Tasha said, MIGHTY!!!! I had a butterfly all ready to submit, but then Wednesday evening just drizzled away in a river of tired, and I didn't remember until this morning that I forgot to actually take Miss Butterfly's pic and submit her!!

Trina, your jewelry continues to amaze me. The elements you use seem to be much the same, but the way you combine them each time, and the colors you use, result in pieces that are unique, week after week. Wow.

Amanda, I can't wait to see this piece finished. I love the scalloped bottom edges on the butterfly . . i hope that will still show up when the piece is finished. This new way of using your marbled paper is just visually stunning.

Tasha, I just gotta repeat myself from other weeks: you have REALLY found a way to express of LOT of you. These art journal pages (and the altered books)just come to life . . I think that there is so much of YOU, that a collage effort like these can finally begin to hint at the complexity of all you want to express. I know you said the picture of was Doodle . but I "saw" YOU . . .your own unfurling self . .

Thank you to the few and faithful who produce something each week for TST, and actually remember to post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll be among that number next week!!

Oooh ooh ooh . . pretty soon we'll be getting word of Tasha's "art production" for the week: little Doodlette!!!! We better get pictures right away!!!

Trina said...

Hi, guys...I'm finally sitting down with a moment to comment on this great TST! I usually get to comment at work, but today was NUTS!!! I'm training two new folks, who are usually in two separate offices 50 miles apart, and today we were all together for a team meeting, and we didn't stop all day. It was great, but didn't leave time for "messing about".

First, thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments on my work. I love these themes, because they keep stretching me to try new things. It is so nice to hear how they are received!

Amanda, your butterfly needs to find its way to the bus that stops in front of my house. I love, love, love those colors sooooooo much; and the marbelling is fantastic.

Tash, this Art Journal page is amazing, both the photoraphy and the writing. So different than the work that you have posted, but so wonderful. I was and continue to be enthralled. My only regret is that I can't see the work in person. I think I put a noseprint on my computer trying to get a closer look!!!

Lisian and Sal and Frenzy, best wishes are coming you way.

I can't wait for next Thursday, I think with such an awesome theme -- especially one with such great intent behind it the art will be even more amazing than usual.

lisianblue said...

lolo well Ms Natasha, I could take a pic of it and submit it with next weeks, it is an ongoing process! However, my thoughts are of trying to actually get something finished enough to submit this week, but not sure it will really happen!
Not moving, is neither good or bad really - I managed to give myself another minor concussion this last sunday - 2 in just over a month!! and just not getting everything done in order to move! Nichole, I think wants/needs to be here with her long time friends for a while - she's going through some pretty rough stuff - I am EXCITED to have them close again!!! And Evie at now 6mos is such a sweety and so full of smiles.
I have to put things back in order - and that will take a while, but I'm not in too big of a hurry - my apt is somewhat of a disaster area!
so, yes Natasha, we are expecting pictures of your newest creation asap!!! when you can lolo
Nichole was so happy when I told her Doodle #2 is due soon -

Trina - thank you!

Amanda - yeah right not trying to monopolize the comment section - lolo I'm not either really -

AquaMaureen - wishing you lots of energy - looking forward to seeing your butterfly too!