Thursday, June 24, 2010

Talented, Professional Artists Take You on a Vibrant, Fabulous Ride

UPDATE: I'm not bummed anymore!! I got my piece in here so please take a peek AND it's Friday which signals the end of a tough week. This is me being happy - insert BIG ham and cheese smile here.

I am so bummed. This was one of the roughest weeks in a long time and not only did my camera die as I went to take a pic of my piece but it's too big for my scanner. I'm charging the battery and hope to slip my piece in later.

BUT the vibrance, creativity and magic that was created here by these talented, amazing, sensational artists will make you want to cheer! You will want to ride the wheel of creativity for sure after you see these pieces. I love this week!

Come on, let's jump in....

Althea, creator of Salvaged Expression, created this rockin' piece.

"My favorite ride for years has been the Music Express, basically just sit down on the bench and get spun into your friend while listening to loud music," said Althea. "The thing has been decorated like something out of the late 60's or early 70's so really the ride is more appropriate for this week's theme than my earrings honoring it but no one is perfect. :) Also if anyone has seen Adventureland the Music Express is the ride Lisa P operates in the film so you can see for yourself!"

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created these sensational pieces titled, “Crazy Mouse”, “Which way do we go, which way do we go”, “Slip and slide”, “Pretty Carousel horse” and “Look up”.

"A few weeks ago I went to a local country fair and became a kid again," said Felicia. "I remember I was struck at how colorful and bright all the rides and displays were. So when Natasha mentioned “ferris wheel” and “color” the fair was the first thing I thought of. I’m also back to studying Photoshop online, so I used these photos to explore different color enhancements and effects with these photos."

“Crazy Mouse”

“Which way do we go, which way do we go”

“Slip and slide”

“Pretty Carousel horse”

“Look up”

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this gorgeous untitled mixed media in progress.

"I'm sure this is no surprise to those of you who know me and my work, but I adored Tasha's theme this week!" said Amanda. "Color, color, and more color--my favorite. I played with the same style I used last week and created another bird piece."

Trina, creator of Woven Chains Jewelry, created this stellar piece.

"I loved this theme, I had so many ideas," said Trina. "The two I had time to make were the "Ferris Wheel" earrings and my "Loop the Loop" pendant. I have to say, the roller coaster (especially one with a loop the loop) is more the speed of my life than the ferris wheel, but I'm working on it!"

"Thanks again to you all for being here, until I came back I didn't realize how much I missed all of you and this space to play."

Loop the Loop pendant

Ferris Wheel earrings

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this piece.

Do you know Connie Hozvicka, creator of Dirty Footprints Studio? If you don't you need to visit, now. Her work and her words are so striking, so beautiful that they resonate in a deeply meaningful and deeply personal way with me. Amanda introduced me to her site (thank you dear friend!) and I've been an avid reader ever since. Recently, her idea on being Fearless and living in a BIG way moved me to the core. When I think of vibrance I think of color and Connie so this piece is how my brain has been basking in her idea of fearlessness.

Are you feeling like riding the rollercoaster of creativity? Me too! Then, let's PLAY!

The next theme is: "The Butterfly Got Off the Bus and Went Into..." This is a truly fun theme. Take your butterfly or butterflies and take them on an adventure...anywhere! Have a blast with this one.


SalvagedExpression said...

Felecia: Great photos, the colors really do pop! I think the duck race is my favorite!

Amanda: I'm still not sure precicely how one marbles paper but it is beautiful!

Trina: I'm just plain enamored of those earrrings!

Tash: I'm sure it's great whatever it is! Hope to see it soon though I'd settle for you on my doorstep!

Trina said...

Althea: I love your earrings. The blue and green and that yummy yellow are just perfect for your "Music Express". I can almost hear the beat!

Felicia: I think you got in my head somehow this week! The speed and direction are like the rollercoaster, my thoughts are like those every-which-way ducks, and I'm just as happy as if I went down one of those giant slides. Wonderful photos and great retouching.

Amanda: I really like this style. Your marbling is amazing, and the other colors that you complimented the bird with are great.

Tasha, So sorry you havd a hard week. I sure hope things start going better right quick. I look forward to seeing your piece when your technology cooperates.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Althea: ahh, I misunderstood the question. :) My marbling is much freer than the traditional style (which is very precise and with lots of chemicals), but basically, you float paint on a liquid surface, swirl a design into it, place paper on it, then pick it back up again--then I rinse off the paper, and the paint design remains (then let dry, iron, flatten in books, etc.). Does that make sense?

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Tasha: soo sorry to hear it's been a rough week. :( I hope the next is better. I'm thinking of you all the time. Please do add in your creation if you get a chance...I'd love to see it. Your recent artwork has a new sureness, along with a level of creative risk that's really exciting. I'm loving it. Hang in there, hon.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Althea: these earrings are totally rock'n'roll! How fun. I love the sparkly background.

Felicia: your pictures make me so eager for festivals and fairs and carnivals! What a treat. It's hot here today--I could go for that big slide!

Trina: your Ferris wheel earrings especially made me smile. Those would perk up any outfit. You have such a way with color.

Butterflies--ooh, I really want time to play now. It's been a very busy week, so I look forward to diving back into painting when I get a chance. :)

aquamaureen said...

I really missed being able to submit this week . . very busy with just returning home from a big trip,and having company right away . . taking a few minutes here to see all your creations and just let the beauty and creativity wash over me. .

Tasha, hope you are taking care of yourself . . .I know Doodle #2 is coming sooooooooon . . .

Felicia Kramer said...

Nice to see artists coming back to TST (and that includes me).

Althea, I don't remember the ride you mention but your earrings definitely take me back to the 60s-70s! Cute!!
Amanda, your work is always so colorful. I love the flow of paint inside the bird.

Trina, those earrings are definitely my style! Love the soft coloring.

Natasha, I sure hope things settle down for you. You deserve to have contented days while you sit quietly and rub your tummy! No chance, right??

Felicia Kramer said...

Nice to see artists coming back to TST (and that includes me).

Althea, I don't remember the ride you mention but your earrings definitely take me back to the 60s-70s! Cute!!
Amanda, your work is always so colorful. I love the flow of paint inside the bird.

Trina, those earrings are definitely my style! Love the soft coloring.

Natasha, I sure hope things settle down for you. You deserve to have contented days while you sit quietly and rub your tummy! No chance, right??

Felicia Kramer said...

I have no idea why that printed twice ....

Natasha said...

Hi, hi, hi!!!!!!! How are you all??? I'm SO much better today as this week is coming to an end AND technology doesn't hate me anymore LOL...I got my piece in. I was a little bummed because I wasn't able to really grasp how to capture the sparkles on the tree. Actually Felicia, you are the Photoshop guru, what is the best way to photograph or highlight sparkles in a piece?

Ok, I LOVE all of you - just look at your work.

Sal - not only do I WANT your earrings but my daughter went bananas for them. She watched me load them in yesterday and kept asking - "Do you want them Mommy? I do. Let's get them." Amanda said it right - they are so rock n' roll. The jewelry pieces you've been creating are sensational - the ring, now the earrings - are you loving this work or what?? Because it shines!!

Felicia - your photos are visual eye candy!! I LOVE them just as I love that you got to be a kid captured such fun, vibrant color and magic in these photos. I have been over each of them several times but my favorites are the Slip and Slide and Look Up because they are so colorful and visually interesting I kind of get lost in them. Also, I want you to know it's just fabulous to see you back here. I've REALLY missed you!!! We all did :)

Amanda - your work stirs me...I mean really sets fire to my imagination. I'm once again in love - this piece is pure magic. You have the most amazing eye for color and the detail on that bird sends my mind on this fantastic voyage of's breathtaking. You have harnessed something powerful in this new work Amanda!! I'm loving this...

Trina - you have no idea how good it is the have you back...I mean really!!! Having a chance to spend time with your creations each Thursday is such a treat. Loop the loop is so awesme...I love the colors you chose but even more so I love the way it works. It's the epitome of fun! And much like Sal's earrings these are needed in my house - my daughter and I are in love with the colors...I mean these are just pieces of adorableness hands down. Love it all

Natasha said...

Sal - I NEED to be on your doorstep. I tell you once I get this kid out I'm coming to visit! We need to meet, laugh and drink beers in the summer know I need that with everyone here. We need a TST party!

Amanda - your comment on my work just blew me out the back door. Thank you, thank you, thank you....I still battle the IC from time to time but I'm addicted to this art - something is happening but you know what I see that in your work as well...I think our own class did something to us LOL...

Trina - thank you I finally got techcnology to cooperate...yesterday technology hated me today we are friends!

Felicia - you just made me laugh SO freakin hard. While I do sit around and rub my belly like Homer Simpson the world around me is just a buzz with activity...I catch contented moments when I can though - usually when I'm in the bathroom LOL sorry if that's too much info but really that's the only time I'm alone LOL

Aqua~ how was your trip?? Hope you are enjoying the company - we missed you. It's so nice to see you hear cheering and hanging. Hope to see your work in here soon...till then have fun!! And yes Doodle 2 will be here soon...he or she is having a lot of dress rehearsals though

Sooo just so you all know my Mom is in the hospital - she will be fine! - she needed surgery, a friend was diagnosed with cancer and the baby is kicking my butt...that's my life right now ..crazed BUT I have soo many moments of joy - coming here, hanging with my husband and daughter, friends (that includes you all!!) but if I am delayed or distracted or haven't written back please know it's not you...I will be in touch's just been a little rollercoaster ride.

BIG hugs to you all now get outside and play :)

SalvagedExpression said...

So many comments so little time!
Amanda: Actually that makes perfect sense, I've seen people do their nails that way.

everyone: Thank you! You guys always boost my confidence in the best way!

Tash: You are welcome any time! Heck bring the whole TST crew! The house is smallish but the yard is huge, we have a grill, a deck, a fire pit, an outdoor dart board and most importantly a husby who likes to cook. :) Also of importance are 2 new kittens with very cute attributes.

lisianblue said...

My favorite place on the web to hang out! even if I'm not submitting something - butterflies getting off the bus...........yeah I like this one!! maybe I can get something together - I'm sort of in a lull right now

Althea - those earrings are pretty cool - sort of remind me of a flattened disco ball - in a good way. lo
Felicia - Which way do we go, which way do we go? lololololo love that!
Amanda - your marbled papers are very pretty - this one sort of reminds me of a phoenix - mostly because of the bright yellows and reds around it - maybe I'll try something like that with my grandson - see what kind of a mess we can make!
Trina - loop the loop - that's good! and such a cool pendant and the earrings too!
Natasha - I love that tree!!! and the saying - you are getting pretty philosophical in later stage of pregnancy aren't you???
yeah - I really think you could put a book together of some of your drawings and sayings - a little book of "creative" inspiration.
You sort of remind me of sark - I haven't read this one that I'm putting the link to - but it looks like a really neat book - the 2 I have read are wonderful.
glad technology quit hating you!

so do you know what doodle#2 will be or are you keeping it a surprise???
me and my butterflies just may play this week! lolo

Natasha said...

Sal! You had me at "You're welcome anytime!" I'm taking you up on that AND TST outing - your place sounds AWESOME What's your hubby's fav dish to cook?? AND cuddly kittens? I'M in ;)

Lisian - fav place to hang on the net? LOVE that! How are you?? You SOOO have to play this week...I need to know where your butterlies go! AND if you try marbling with your grandson you have to share with everyone here! Thank YOU for the compliments on my work - that tree was a ridiculous amount of fun to create! I'm so glad you love it and Sark? You flatter me - she rocks! Thank you! I have NO idea what Doodle #2 is - it will be a surprise for EVERYONE! YAY!!

lisianblue said...

You rock too!