Saturday, July 31, 2010

30 Journal 30 Days Dirty Footprints Studio Style

I want to thank each and every person for all the love you have sent our way!! I will be responding more in the next few weeks. The ONLY thing I've been doing is being Mom and working in my art journal whenever I have a moment. (It is open on my kitchen counter every day in case I get a minute.) It's been helping me to sort through all that happened and record all of the amazing things that are happening.

Connie, creator of Dirty Footprints Studio, Art Journal Love Letters, and more amazing things, ran a month of interviews with Art Journalers from around the globe which was incredible. Today, she invited others to join in on the fun by answering the interview and posting pieces. I'm honored to be a part of this. If you have a moment, please visit her blog to meet many, many fabulous, inspiring art journaling souls. Thank you for all you have done, Connie!

How long have you been Art Journaling?

I've been journaling since the day my Mom put my first journal in my hands. I was four and I drew my dreams - me as an eight-legged creature flying over NYC with friends...yeah, don't ask LOL - and writing things like my hair is the color of mink..once again, don't ask LOL! Over the years, I went back and forth between simply writing in my journal and drawing, collaging and painting. I had no idea what I was doing was "art journaling." I just knew I had an obsession with color and needed to add it to my journal world.

How has Art Journaling impacted, changed, or enhanced your life?

Art journaling changes my life each time I do it. It helps me through transitions and to loosen the crazy hold I sometimes feel I'm supposed to have on life. It allows me to play and through play I believe in my heart I learn more about myself and my life. I uncover new ideas, face deep, hidden fears and let the color monster within have a feast!

What are a few of your favorite Art Journaling materials to use?

I love to use acrylics - they are just yummy - oil pastels, gel pens, Sharpies, gesso and (thanks to Connie's - creator of Dirty Footprints Studio - class, Art Journal LOVE letters) gel medium. I also love incorporating any fabulous, colored papers I can find.

Who are some of your favorite Art Journalers?

Connie seriously rocks...her guidance is amazing.
Sarah Whitmire
Effy Wild
The Inspiring, Amazing, Beautiful Lovelies in Connie's Art Journal LOVE letters course - they are magnificent!

What kind words of encouragement would you say to an Art Journal newbie?

How often do you really celebrate or honor you? Your art journal is the place to enjoy YOU! Celebrate YOU! When you step into your journal, pour color all over you and let words drop from your fingertips, you are giving yourself a gift. You are allowing yourself to explore, play, share, laugh, cry, love and grow. It's not a place for judgement or critics - unless you are telling your demons to take a hike. It's a place for you to be the most you that you can be and LOVE that!

Where can we contact you...give us some link LOVE!!

I just had a baby - my second - so right now, I'm playing Mom but I'm still floating around a little and will return in the Fall. Please drop me a line and say hello.

-Thursday Sweet Treat: a weekly theme and showcase of new art
-CreativeNachos: my personal playspace

Short Bio:

Natasha, also known as “Creative Nacho,” has been writing since the day her mom put a journal in her hand at age four. She received her MFA in writing from the New School in New York City before spending time as Marketing and Development Director for a nonprofit and later as a freelance writer, creating promotional materials for small businesses. Natasha assisted in creating original curriculum pieces for a private school in Manhattan before being invited to teach writing and editing workshops for some of the students. She has taught writing and photojournalism workshops for teenagers and written for publications such as Family Circle, Latina, Lifetips and MediaBistro. In addition, one of her pieces lives in the Library of Congress. In 2009, she made her dream come true of making a living doing both crafting and writing together when she opened DoodleStar, her personal creative playground. When she’s not playing professionally, she can be found playing at home with her mischievous husband and lovable daughter they like to call Doodle.


Jeniffer said...

Natasha, thank you for sharing your journal story! It is especially impressive with a newborn in the house. I love the vibrancy of your journal pages!

ABCcreativity said...

great interview natasha! i love your pages - they are so sweet.

Tracy Carlton said...

natasha! loved learning more about you. you are such a creative soul and are so inspiring! hope you and son and family are doing well. look forward to seeing you over at ajll!

lynna-g said...

You are lovely and so is your art.
Big massive hugs and love to your new little darlin'

Natasha said...

Jeniffer! Welcome!! How are you? Thank you so much for your comments - you made me smile :) There are three pages here that I made in the last week and a couple that are older that I just had to shared - they are altered book art and art journaling. Its such fun! With the newborn I can only manage a few in a week but I have to feed my addiction LOL!

ABCcreativity! Hello, hello, hello! Thanks for coming to visit and thank you for your lovely words - you made me sooo happy!

Tracy! I LOVE seeing you here. You are SUCH a sweetheart - an inspiring sweetheart ;) I can't wait to see you on the ajll playground!

Lynna-g I'm sooo happy you are here!!! What an amazing comment - you made my day!! BIG, giant hugs to you!! See you on our fabulous ajll playspace :)

Thank you and hugs to you all

Ingrid said...

these are such beautiful, vibrant pages! beautiful work!

Connie said...

Natasha....I LOVE everything about your interview...especially YOU!

BIg hugs!!! Lots of LOVE!!

Kim Switzer said...

I love the colors you use! I especially love the orange next to the pink in the "hungry for change" page. I want to run home and paint in orange and pink now! I think I should probably wait until it's actually time to leave work, though. ;)

Karin Bartimole said...

Hi Natasha, that was a great interview - uplifting and inspiring. I could relate very much to how journaling supports and expands your life spirit.
thanks so much for your visit and kind words on my blog.
Happy creating, and mommying - the most creative job out there!!

ma thet zin said...

Very nice blog :)

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Oh Natasha! The baby photo is priceless. He is your best work yet. :) Off to Maine again for a 2 week stint. This time, I will bring an art journal and see what happens. Usually I do photography, knitting, writing, anything but .... We'll see.

Remember to take time for yourself while your household is exploding with fun-filled action and reaction. We all want you back soonest. Rosemary

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Frenzy23 said...

You SOO deserved to be interviewed for this! Your art journals are colorful, unique, and reflect your wonderful personality. The pages must be full of joy these days!

Gulzar said...

I love your blog :)