Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exceptional Artists Hang Hopes, Wishes and Dreams Upon the Limbs of Creative Trees

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Trees became the symbol of strength, hope, dreams and magic in each of the works created this week. The talented, professional, coloful, creative artists and crafters who dreamed of the beauty that trees hold harnessed a celebration, not only of nature but, of the joy of life as well.

Let's climb up upon a treetop.....

Maureen, a talented artist created this stunning piece.

"This week we visit Aqualand, where AnnieMae reigns as Queen," said Maureen. "She's currently "out on a limb" in her favorite Ice Cream Cone Tree, which, no matter how many she eats, always has 7 double-dip cones waiting for her. She considers the swing far too tame, and even Rainbow Bird is set to fly away from it, having squashed her beak when trying to swing on it as she'd seen some humans do. AnnieMae is so peaceful and relaxed she doesn't even need to hang on. She loves the morning sun warm on her hair and thinks she just might spend the rest of the day, cradled on the curve of her special branch."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this gorgeous mixed media in progress titled, Little Seed.

"My piece celebrates all the potential held in one tiny seed . . . with the right care and conditions, it can begin a forest," said Amanda. "Dreams, too, need light and air and nourishment. With love, they can grow strong and tall."

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot Tours, created this lovely piece.

"Frustration at WordPress, pre-launch nerves, and a periodically grey day all combined to express themselves in this poem-let," said Bird. "The tree grows towards Heaven, taking our prayers, hopes, & dreams along for the ride."

blog: - In Progress
Twitter: @CrowTarotTours

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this piece.

"I have been playing with altered books for awhile both in and out of the classes I'm teaching and having such fun that I decided to share," said Natasha. "This piece is about how all we need to do is widen our perspective and open our hearts and imagination to the possibilities all around us because there is truly magic everywhere. When we talk, respect others and listen we find the beauty at the heart of all creatures great and small."

Are you feeling inspired to create? Good, then let's dive right into the next theme -it's the Big 60. As I am getting closer to my due date, let's have one more Participant's Choice theme before I have this baby!

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aquamaureen said...

Part 2--

Bird--I do not know much of of your personal life, but have seen bits and pieces of communications that seem to indicate that a lot of changes have been going on for you??? That's about all I know .. well, out of that climate of change, and with your choice to get something done to share here, AND with the fact that you were experiencing "negative" emotions like frustration, etc, BUT you let your art come out of that . . .well, to me, you've created one of my all-time-favorite compositions. And what's sort of weird-but-really-nice is that the tree photo you used??? Well, that is JUST the image I had in my head, that I thought I was gonna doodle . . but it showed up in YOUR piece instead!! And the words you used (are YOU "Birdy Diamond"??)--the words flow so well. And even the type you used has a bit of unevenness to it that really resonates with me.

And Tasha . . .your piece set off an explosion inside me. First, a very visceral reaction to the main color--I kept scrolling to it, and away, and to it, and away, so that I could keep experiencing that wonderful surprise of being joyjolted by the color. It FED something deep in me. Then, your words: they are a version of a thought that is like one of my soul's mantras . . that for those with eyes to see, the world overflows with mystery and miracle. And since I'm openly in love with your birds, of course I loved his appearance. And the topper is the altered book concept. YOu've mentioned it before, and so has Amanda, but I guess I just haven't had room in my artbrain for it to really sink in. Books have been my passion and salvation for all of my remembered life. Seeing your piece finally CLICKED something inside me: to use a book as the base, carefully chosen for the words that can be allowed to show through . . and then layering the "art" on top . . I don't know if your book is one where the pages can still turn, but what I want to try making is one where the book is now frozen in place and gets displayed on some sort of easel thingie . . and is the bottom left part fabric??? or wallpaper???? I feel as if you have unlocked a door for me into another whole world of possibility for me as an artist.

Okay--I know these comments have been LONG, but honest to Pete, these 4 pieces today have such power individually. And then to encounter them as a group--well, their collective beauty and ability to MOVE me, has just shaken me, in a very good way.

One more note and then I'll quit: somebody somewhere recently mentioned something I didn't know: that you could left-click your mouse on an image here and it would get bigger. My mouse will let me click 2 times and get 2 embiggenings. That let me read the teeny words on Tasha's piece, and actually discover the words above the bird. And Amanda said she couldn't see all the detail on my piece, and this biggening helps.

So, in closing (finally!!!!!!), I MISS all of you who did NOT post something this week, but to those you did, BLESS us, one and all, for the power and magnitude of what we are working on!!!

aquamaureen said...

Well. Hmmm. Just put 40 minutes into sharing from my heart and when I posted, the first half was lost. Okay. I'll try again.

I had said I was feeling a little woobly today . .not quite like myself (okay, then who DO I feel like??), so please to excuse me if what I say doesn't come out quite "right." I really MISS all the people who used to share here. I know lives get busy, etc. But I just want you all to know that I'm hoping you'll find a way to be able to post your art again, because it meant a lot to me.

That said, the four of us who DID post here just blew me away. And yes, I'm rather immodestly including myself in that. Blame that newfound confidence on the e-classes I just took with Tasha and Tasha/Amanda, where they made it impossible NOT to fall in love with my artistic self and her creative output.

Re: my piece. I knew I'd promised myself to have SOMEthing--but with only 10 min. before Wed. night church, I was gonna just doodle a green tree on my 3" doodle pad. BUT, little miss Inner Wild Child (see aforementioned e-classes) evidently had different ideas. She made me grab a BIGGER pad and ALL the markers. STill, I thought was gonna do a BIG rainbow tree. I had no clue about the story that was just waiting to be told. And IWC wanted to lie on a branch. I said I didn't know how to draw that. She said it didn't matter. Just do it. So I did.

My piece doesn't pretend to be "art" in terms of saleable "fine" art. What it does is show me how much is pulsing just under my skin, waiting to be heard and allowed to play and cavort.

Amanda--I know, from talking with you, that you had a similar committment to have SOMEthing to post to TST, but that, like me, by Wed aft you still had had no time/energy/idea to go with. So I was STUNNED to scroll down and see what you'd made. You and I have already talked about it, and both agreed that in this work in progress, the blue background didn't end up quite working with the green of the tree. But oh, that tree!! made from your luscious hand-marbled paper, and then that strong sure outlining to the right . . and your lettering. The spirals . .the way the individual letters are place . . you are really discovering something that could easily become some signature work for you . . oh yeah: your actual words about "little seed" and your words in your descriptive paragraph intro--save those!! they are important!!

[when I tried to post earlier, the whole post was too long--imagine that!!--so I'll do the rest as Part 2]

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Aqua: thank you for taking the time to post such thoughtful comments--and REpost. I know how frustrating that is! I can only speak for myself, but that means a lot to me. The handful of us who are TST diehards :) are busy and dealing with life-changers (helloooo, new baby, Miss Tasha?)...but somehow we managed to take a few moments to ourselves, to claim that who we are as artists and what we do is important. I think that's pretty amazing.

And those lovely artists who haven't been able to join us--I know you're still out there, and I look forward to playing with you again! We feel your support and encouragement here too. :)

I'll come back in a moment with individual comments.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Tasha--isn't Lisa Sonora Beam fantastic? Thanks for sharing the link about mini-journals--they are a fabulous idea.

Aqua: I can definitely see the after-effects of The Creative Playground alive and well here! AnnieMae is your Inner Wild Child, for sure. It's so inspiring to peek at your rich inner landscape here--one that you didn't even fully realize yourself until you put it on paper. I love the whimsy, playfulness and sense of endless possibility. Of course your tree is rainbow! And leafed out in ice cream cones! Why not? :) This piece is such a celebration. I can't wait to see more of AnnieMae's world.

Bird: Wow, what a mix of light and dark, hopeful and serious. It sounds as if you're growing beautifully, even if that includes some bumps and bruises along the way. You'll get there!

Tasha: I LOVE this! I've long wanted to play with altered books. Your brilliant use of color, the words peeking through, your signature bird, the swoopy swirly fantastical tree, the stars climbing skyward--this is all so "YOU," yet I can see anyone being inspired and encouraged by this piece. I can't wait to see more like this from you!

Jenjen said...

Bird, Aqua and Amanda,
I love you guys! I visit every week to see what's new and exciting.
Sorry I didn't have time to comment. It's been a totally roller coaster year!

Thank you my dear loyal TSTers! It sounds corny (or cheesy) but your weekly entries remind me of the "artist" in me!

Natasha - good-luck on the baby. Please let me know when the stork arrives! Take it easy and keep smiling :)

What's the theme for next week?

Natasha said...

Aqua! How are you?? First thank you for not only taking the time to originally post but for reposting! That takes patience when dealing with something so frustrating! I LOVED reading your words ...they made me beam ;) The book I used has more pages that turn and I'm working on a new piece. This type of art has cracked me open I'm addicted. I absolutely love it and I can't wait for you to try it. Books have been sacred in my world so it took a leap to start doing it but now I can't stop. LOL.. That's a piece of wrapping paper in the left hand corner - I love it isn't it great? Between the words and the art these pieces transform you when you start working on them.

Your piece blew me away! I LOVE AnnieMae and the way she is basking in the sunlight - her hair looks gorgeous. My favorite part is the way she's nestled into the branch...its so brilliant and so inspiring. What markers do you use?? They are so vibrant I want them!! I love this entire piece - what a celebration of the colors within you!!

Natasha said...

Amanda!! Thank you for all your thoughts on my piece - you have to try it! It will change your world - I can't get enough of altered books now! LOL I will be sharing much more!!

I LOVED your piece this week -that tree is sensational!! You did a magnificent job creating it and the idea of rhe seed - SO hopeful, such a want for growth and life. I love everything about it.

Lisa Sonorma Beam is incredible. I sooo dig here work and her ideas and I reached out to her and she was lovely to hear from..I'm a definite fan!

Jenjen - so good to hear from you. Hope life is going well. Yes, I will let you all know when the baby is here.

The theme for this week is Participants Choice! All themes are up for grabs so if there's one you wanted to do but didn't have a chance now is your chance.

Bird - your piece this week was gorgeous - is that an original quote?? How close are you to opening?? How exciting after all your hard work I know its going to be great!

Natasha said...

Finally to the TST community - I love all of you for all the work you have done. For those who cannot be here to play right now do to lack of time, familial obligations, sickness, vacations, etc. Please know you are deeply missed. I'm sorry that I haven't made this place bigger yet and that I haven't had as many articles - pregnancy has slowed me down a bit but I hope to ramp it up in the Fall. Till then, I miss you and send you all wishes for creative explosions and belly laughter!

Frenzy23 said...

Hello everyone,
First of all, awesome week, even if there weren't too many people.

Even though I'm not always able to participate, I check in every week to look at the new work, and I miss all the people who used to participate too. But regardless of how many pieces are posted, it always makes my week to see them on Thursday.

Maureen- I love the story that goes along with your piece. First of all, I want my own ice cream tree. :) The idea that she's so peaceful and relaxed so she's not afraid and has to hold on to something (I worded that awkwardly, hopefully it makes sense) is really interesting to me. It makes me think that if we just let life happen instead of constantly planning and overthinking everything, we'd be a lot happier.

Amanda - I loved your piece, the pretty swirly writing, the way the colors sort of swirl to match, and how none of it is solid, it's almost moving. Much like a little seed would constantly be growing :). May I ask what mediums you used? The writing almost looks like it could be chalk or pastel.

Bird - What a positive reaction to a stressful situation! The photograph is gorgeous, love the angle on it. I'm sure all your hard work will lead to something great!

Natasha - I love the colors, they say so much about your personality. I don't know if you intended it this way or not, but I really like the way the stars are clustered at the bottom of the tree then spread out towards the top. It makes me think back to Amanda's piece, how all the magic starts from one little seed and radiates upwards. Interesting how both of yours, while very different styles, have the same feeling of everyone having potential and a little bit of magic. :)

Thank you everyone who made a piece! Even when I'm not able to make one of my own, I love and appreciate all the work that is posted on here.

I'll be out of town next week, but hope to get back on board with TST soon!