Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amazing, Talented Artists Invite Artful Little Birds to Soar Through the Land of Wild Imagination

I am in love with birds this week. These talented, professional, phenomenal artists created works with fluid lines, bright colors and magic. Each piece is filled with such imagination, beauty and, in some cases, humor that you cannot help but feel your spirits lift. You cannot help but wonder if perhaps - as one artist says - "...really we're meant to fly."

Ready, spread your wings and ....

Althea, created of Salvaged Expression, created this fantastic piece.

"Sorry about the bad pictures this week but well...I'm not sure if this is finished yet," said Althea. "Maybe you guys can help me! I came up with this drawing thinking about how stressed out we get on the ground when really we're made to fly. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!"

Maureen, a talented artist, created this phenomenal piece.

"Well, at first I thought I'd be saying, 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.' And then I'd show you my little 3" square doodle of my 'copy' of Natasha's bird, which has enchanted me since I first saw it," said Maureen.

"But noooooooooooooooooo . . . That's NOT what Tiny Bird wanted to do. I had to get out my favorite 6x18" watercolor pad . . .and paint 'Tasha and her Rainbow Chicks.' This is an unabashed tribute to Tasha as Teacher, based on the two e-classes I have just taken from her. 7 birds for completeness. Each has something to say. Redbird doesn't yet know how brilliant he is, and is hiding. Greenbird has heard other birds say his beak is too curved. Yellowbird looks in a puddle and sees her beak as way too long. Purplebird is 'differently-footed' but ah, has luscious tailfeathers to compensate. Orangebird is struggling to keep up. And in the sky . . .oh, in the sky is Aquabird, who has just learned she can fly. And Teacherbird . . .well, she is all the colors and songs of the rainbow and leads her chicks fearlessly into their future.

P.S. As soon as I started this painting, my hands and heart told me what to paint for my other teacher, Miss Amanda/PersistentGreen . . maybe it will show up here one of these days. . ."

Rosemary Nickerson, creator of Steadfast Ahoy, created this terrific piece.

"Penguins are birds, right?" asked Rosemary. "It's over 90 degrees here in my house and I am melting! I couldn't resist using polar birds for this "Have a Cool Birthday" card. On the other hand, my brother didn't even call me on my birthday, and the last time we DID talk, it turned into an argument. I am feeling cooler already just thinking about that." :)

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this gorgeous Digital print titled, “Singing to a purple sky.”

"I caught a few shots of this bird on the wires above my house about a month ago," said Felicia. "Usually you expect to see blue sky and white clouds backing a photo like this, but I decided to add an unexpected purple, stormy sky. Sorry I haven’t been around lately; life (and vacations) interfered."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created this sensational mixed media painting titled, Sing Big.

"This wonderful prompt set off little bursts of inspiration in my heart--far too many to carry out yet, especially since I just got home from a weekend trip to Denver, and am also gearing up for the second session of The Creative Playground (Natasha's and my e-course--check out my link if you want to hear more!)," said Amanda. "Birds are such an uplifting symbol for me right now, so it was a joy to play this week. Thanks for the perfect prompt!"

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot Tours, created these great pieces.

"Pictures from our walk by the Huron River, May 26, 2010," said Bird.

Twitter: @CrowTarotTours - In Progress

"Birds on a Roof" - I thought it was neat how the one bird was able to cling to the side of the roof. Just goes to show you what we can do when we try! :>

"Ripples on a River" - I loved the composition of this one - bird, river, ripples. An exquisite physical model of the waves that spread out from actions.

"It's Not the Size; It's the Spirit" - a teen goose spreading its wings, just as we need to spread ours & declare who we really are. Not a little bird in this case, rather a honking big bird, and a big honking bird too, for that matter. But fun & photogenic just the same. :-D

And finally, just for fun, "Little Bird" - there are a bunch of red-winged blackbirds that take great delight in scolding each other & us as we walk along the paths. This one was okay with sitting in a tree until I could photograph him - thank you, little bird! :-)

Natasha, creator of DoodleStar, created this piece.

In the last year, I have had the experience of waking only to *see* an image clearly in my head. Then it follows me around until I bring it to life. Two days ago, I had this crystal clear image in my head and I knew it was for this prompt. I love the colors in this piece. I feel like my insides are filled with color - what about you?

Are you feeling excited to create? Do you want to let your imagination soar? Me too! Let's jump into the next theme: "Upon the Limbs of the Tree..."

Perhaps you want to celebrate the birth of Spring or the fiery light of leaves in Fall. Or perhaps you want to celebrate the strength within the tree or the book, "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. Bask in the beauty of the tree. Let your imagination play with this one.


aquamaureen said...

Oh, this was a fun week of responses--

Althea, I love your middle bird, soaring on upward wing, lifting. And then the one below, looking up, "Hey, maybe it's time for ME to fly, too . . ."

Rosemary--are you new to TST?? if so, WELCOME!! I love how you used your art to cool down your feelings!! And how wonderful to make a handmade card. I got one for MOther's' Day that I just LOVE. Your penquins are so sweet, the way they connect with their looking at each other.

Felicia, soooooooooooo good to have you back. How was Hawaii?? I love your bird silohetted (sp??) against that mauvey/silvery sky.

Amanda--I love this. Is the bird applied on top the painting??? and I like how you outlined only one side . . and the curvy letters LOOK like they are singing!!

Bird--you must have REALLY had fun with this bird prompt!! my favorite of your feathered friends is the last one, perched on the tippytop of the branch . . .how DO they do that??

Tasha, I KNOW your insides are filled with color, 'cause that's the way I HAD to paint TeacherBird!! I love how your background wash is up and down and the bird's insides are side to side .. really makes the two distinct from each other.

The tree prompt already has images swirling in my head!!

Natasha said...

Hello, hello, hello everyone!!!

How are you all??? SOO awesome to see you ....

Althea - your birds are just amazingly beautiful. I am in awe of the detail in your work. Personally I love this piece. I love the way you drew the birds...the bird that's flying upward is so fluid. The lines are so graceful...I had one thought as I looked at this...I liked the tiny bits of color you have throughout...perhaps you add a little more color to the top in keeping with your idea about us on the ground and wanting to fly, we have these bits of color on the ground but when we rise, when we allow ourselves to fly our world has more vibrant color...just a thought but honestly I think it's just gorgeous work. What talent, Althea!

Maureen, Maureen, Maureen, I have already started an email but this ...this made me cry, I LOVE everything about this piece. The colors are so stunning. The way you painted the sky is truly you know how much this means to me?? You know yesterday morning all I could think about were rainbow colored birds so I doodled them....I was obsessed out of the was you....thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of your art, friendship and you. You are so beautifully flying through the air...I can see that ....I love it...thank you is not enough ...((((HUG))))

Rosemary!! It's awesome to see you here...I LOVE this card - the penguins are fantastic. They are EXACTLY what I needed as it has been hot here as well....they are ADORABLE I have to show them to my husband who loves penguins. I love the colors and the message inside. AND I love your have SUCH a witty way of turning things that happened or ideas on their head...I love that about your blog. When was your b'day?? Happy Belated!!! I hope you had a blast and let that brother of yours know that next year there better be a call and a gift to make up for this year LOL!

Felicia YAY!!!! I've missed you!! I'm SOO bummed because I was working on that Hawaii giveaway you had with all the movies and didn't submit my answers in time - that was so great though. Are you wishing you were still there??

I LOVE this piece- how great is it to see your work again - VERY! This piece is striking - I love the lone bird against the ominous sky...very Hitchcock (I'm a big fan of his work and yours LOL!) I also love the delicacy of the limbs of the trees on the right hand this and love seeing you again :)

Amanda - this is one of my all time favorite pieces by you!!!! I LOVE this work - the bird is phenomenal. The colors - so filled with life- the swirls...the words are all so enchanting. I would wake every day with a smile if this was the first thing my eyes fell upon - seriously. What tremendous work - I can see your happiness through this piece = what a gift!

Bird - always such a pleasure to see you here! How are things going - still building?? These were all fantastic and I realized I have a fascination with balancing. In that first one I am in awe of the way that bird just hangs onto the side - way to relate it to us and what we can accomplish - ANYTHING! YAY!! Then the Little Bird at the tip top of the tree - how do they hang out there with such ease?? All of these are wonderful...I loved these submissions

Felicia Kramer said...

Nice to be back! I had a GREAT time in Hawaii, and documented daily on my blog. I'm glad now that I have that immediate reference for myself.

Althea, I love the movement in the two rising birds. I think you can flesh it out a bit more but this is a great start.
Maureen - your birds are delightful! I wish all our real birds were so beautifully colorful!
Rosemary, nice to meet you. I love the card - it reminded me of a favorite penguin collage I did in collage - have to look; it must still be here somewhere.
Amanda - Me like! - both the painting and the phrase.
Bird, all four of your pieces made me go "Awwww!" Great job with both photos and words.
Natasha - I agree - I love the colors in your piece. You are always shining bright and making the world more beautiful!

Natasha said...

Felicia!! I was reading along. I couldn't always comment because sometimes I'd be reading on my phone and couldn't comment AGH! But I loved the stories - I kept telling my husband read this you'll want to go back LOL and he does I'm just totally impatient LOL!! Thank you SOOOOO much for your comment - everyone's making me cry happy tears today!

giraffelabel said...

i am so tired, so please excuse my brief comments...but, wow! what fun pieces this week! i love all of your birdies and the stories that come along with them! great job everyone!!

Natasha said...

Giraffelabel! I love that you stopped by and cheered - we missed you this week!! Hope to see you next week...hang in there. Have a wonderful night's sleep :)

lisianblue said...

aw and I would have had the perfect items for this one - but the next one has some definite ideas already going
what wonderful creations

Althea - I'm not sure this needs anything else in this wonderful moving piece - maybe a bit of blue background but just a light wash perhaps - but I love the minimalist amount and the movement of this.
Maureen - I'm not sure which really got me more - what and how you wrote about your painting or the painting - I loved reading your description of the little birds and especially the teacher bird!
the painting - it sort or reminds me of a momma bird and her little birds following along - mmm yeah we do that don't we? Love it!
Rosemary - welcom to TST - I love penguins too and the card is so sweet!
Felicia - reminds me of a scarey stormy night - and yes it's different than the expected bright blue sky - great moody picture
Amanda - I like it!!! :) the lovely colors of the bird with it's little curly cues - just the whole makes a wonderful statement.
Bird - you had fun with this one didn't you!! love those birds perched on the house roof - the one in the water - and those ripples, Little Bird - so true of growing up of life! Nicely done.
and you Teacher Bird Natasha - you turn the simplest little doodle into something beautiful and unique!
I will try to get by more!!!! and not 2 days later!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Hi TST buddies! I thought for sure I'd commented already--so sorry I apparently let this one slide. It is NOT because of the pieces, which are beautiful!

Thanks, also, for the wonderful comments about my bird piece. I'm really enjoying playing with this new style, as you'll see in the Tree theme.

Aqua: yes, I cut out the bird from a background I'd painted a while back. It's adhered to the newly created page. The curly letters just appeared from my fingertips--I love surprises like that!

Tasha: what a fantastic compliment. Wow! You gave me the biggest grin. :)

Felicia: thank you! Can't wait to see how your time in Hawaii affects your artwork.

lisian: aww, thank you! :) I'm looking forward to seeing your work again.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Althea: this is so peaceful! I love the sweeping movement from bottom to top. You created an amazing amount of detail in these little vignettes.

Aqua: I just adore your painting, as you already know! You HAVE to keep experimenting with this style--it's so "you." The colors, movement, and placement are all so engaging. I could stare at this for hours. :)

Rosemary: how nice to have you with us! The front of your card is really cute, but I just love the inside too, with the surprising color and pattern.

Felicia: ooh, moody! I like the unexpected nature of this one. Very pretty, but dramatic at the same time.

Bird: ha, I just love that clinging bird, too. Hang in there, little guy! (Or gal...)

Tasha: such a sweet little rainbow bird, and delicate leaves on that branch! You are DEFINITELY letting your colors shine--and helping all of us to shine, too.