Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday Sweet Treat to Add Some Fun, New Features?

Good morning everyone! How are you?? I hope this finds you well. Have you checked out the fabulous artwork that was created on Thursday, January 29th? If not, please do I promise you that it will leave you feeling energerized and excited to take on the day!

I have a few things I'd like to share. First there are four new features I am thinking of adding to this blog. They require your participation so feedback would be truly appreciated! Thank you!!

Mini-Treat Monday

I have spoken with several artists who either missed the deadline for a project or joined when a project they would have loved to have contributed to was already in progress. All of them said, "I'm just going to continue to create and send you a picture because I love what I am creating." Well, I have seen some of those pieces and I truly think everyone should. So, I am thinking of creating Mini-Treat Monday. That is the day that people can submit pieces they created for old themes. However, you will only be able to submit 1 picture and only your name and shop name. The Thursday Sweet Treat is the major showcase so this is just a small way to share a bit of the work because it's great. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Artists Play Dates

I would like to have a play date with an artist. This would essentially be an interview however I I want to talk about the real issues - how you deal with insecurity, how you deal with financial issues, what new techniques you are learning. What I am asking is to speak with people in a real, down to Earth way about this artistic process and how you stay positive and keep going. We all face obstacles but I want to hear how you are working to overcome them. What do you think? If interested, please email me and let's chat. I do not have a date set for that yet but will share more after I hear from you.

Blog Playgrounds

Finally, there are people writing incredible blog posts about this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I want to share those so once a week I want to do a blog roundup to share your fabulous blog playgrounds! Would this appeal to you?

Blog Button

It has been suggested (thank you Persistent Green - I heart you!) that I should create a button for you to put on your blogs. I have to tell you - I was so flattered to be asked. Thank you for wanting to share this incredible space. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Please leave comments here and email me about the Artists Play Date. I love talking with you all so much. I can't wait to hear from you!

Oh one last note - I had an item that I created because of the Thursday Sweet Treat (the Life's Too Short...Wall Art - which GlassElements encouraged me to put in my shop - thank you!) featured on a wonderful blog, Ripper Arts. Please check it out if you have a chance and leave a little love...for all the folks featured and for Ripper Arts. Here is the link:

And a BIG thank you to Salvaged Expression, Persistent Green and Ceejay Bags. They were with me in the Etsy forum yesterday promoting this site, all the work and YOU. Thank you for reaching out!!!

If you have news to share or a blog post, please share it here as well!

You are all amazing!! Thank you for being a part of this :) Let's create great art!!


ceejay said...

All terrific ideas, Natasha. From the moment I "met" you, I knew that this wonderful blog was going to grow and thrive. And I truly believe that there are so many people out there who will grow and thrive in their creative endeavors BECAUSE of this blog! Keep doing what you are doing. It's amazing.

Natasha said...

Ceejay - my clock reads 9:37am and I am already filled up with tears! Hahaha...thank you SO much for this thoughtful comment. Honestly, you have been an inspiration. Your enthusiasm and "can do" attitude have inspired me. Thank you for being a part of this...doing this...well, there are no words to explain how much this means to me or how lucky I feel to have met and been inspired by so many talented, shining artists like you...thank you to everyone!!! Keep creating

TheClayMuse said...

I think those are all great Ideas Natasha!
And your promoting the site on the etsy forums drew me in! actualy got me to finaly create the blog I'd been putting off for ages! I'm looking foward to participating in this blog project and for seeing all the wonderful creations sure to come!

KayzKreationz said...

They sound like all great ideas. I haven't had a chance to participate yet, but might with this weeks theme with a piece I already have made. Will check out the forums for the threads. Didn't realize there was one yesterday.

Natasha said...

TheClayMuse - congrats on starting that blog!! My hats off to you...I'm going to do some blog visiting today so I'll be sure to come by. How exciting and welcome!! I'm so thrilled you have joined...this is a great group and I know you will have fun!

KayzKreationz - how are you?? Thanks for the kudos on the ideas..and definitely check out that thread - talk about inspiring!! Here is the link -
Hope you will participate this week!

SalvagedExpression said...

Those sound like fun ideas! I'd love to have a button on my might encourage me to actually blog!

Bear Chick said...

I love all these ideas, especially the button for the blogs. This is something worth promoting and participating in (hopefully, this weekend).

Thanks for this amazing venue!

Marja said...

Natasha, these are all wonderful ideas. I love how your blog project is bringing together so many unique and inspiring artists. You are lighting a fire under many an etsyian, my friend.

And, on top of that, I'm finding so many new blogs to follow, it makes me happy. :)

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you...even though I'm on the other coast!

Iris O'Connor said...

k, where's the link to last nights forum promotion??????
sometimes it's hard to be on a different timeline!

Natasha, i would say yes to all of the above features. Definitely!

I don't know, first you get me to actually do one (1!) painting, then you have me blogging and now I can see myself creating a second (2!)painting just to be included in the monday mini-treat....what happened to my sedate life???????????


Natasha said...

Ok my daughter is running around my legs yelling Up...but I will write shortly love these responses

SalvagedExpression said...

Iris O'Connor I hear you! I hadn't drawn on black paper in AGES and now I want to work in clay again and blog and stalk this blog!

Natasha said...

Salvaged - your blogging comment made me laugh out loud! love it and if you blog I will read it:)

Bear Chick - welcome, welcome, glad you are participating - how exciting - AND that you would like the button...I'm totally working on it...hope you have such fun playing this weekend!

Marja - HUGE hug! What a beautiful person you are...thank you for the offer of help...just sharing, commenting, promoting and participating are help enough - you do so much along with so many here...I'm so thankful! I love the community that is being assembled here...and the blogs! How fun there are so many people to visit and play rocks!

Iris - I love are such a riot. You've got great spunk...I saw you found last night's thread - crazy inspiring no?? You have created awesome work...I'm loving it and your blog..the Monday idea is morphing into something that might not be weekly...but something like a make the next one for Thursday...I'm SOOOO excited!!

Natasha said...

Salvaged - I love that you stalk this blog :)

Iris O'Connor said...

Hey Salvaged, call me Iris...we'll meet again and again and our blogs...on Etsy...
I know what you mean, I have my jigsaw in my sweaty little paws ready to cut my huge piece of MDF into pieces once it stops raining.(It IS Ireland after all!)
And I'm not at all sure if Natasha knows - yet - what she started
Maybe it's best if we keep the thread on Etsy going instead of taking up Natasha's blogspace.
*giggles again*

Natasha said...

I love this...artists talking with artists...based on another comment today that will be another treat...working on it...

I have no idea what has begun I only know I dig it- little dance...

Keep that thread alive!

star said...

Fun!!! I am LOVING these ideas! Sorry I missed the forum thread.
I'm so excited to see this blog taking off and so many insanely talented artists having fun! Really truly inspiring. Natasha, you are just crazy awesome girl!!!

Natasha said...

Star - no YOU are a crazy awesome girl! I love that you play here and while we missed you last do not worry there's always this week or the next or next ...jump in when the water feels right. And thanks for the kudos on the ideas...I'm want to see this grow and grow and see more amazing artists create more amazing work...and chat and hang with one it