Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stellar Artists Capture the Beauty of a Sunset In Their Magnificent New Works

Quick note - please do not worry if you were unable to participate this week! There is always next week and new feeatures which will be announced tomorrow! ALSO, don't miss a submission today from Rowena...I've listed it in the comments. Check it out, you will love it!

At first glance, all of these creative, thoughtful pieces of artwork will help you to shake off the winter chill and fill with a spring and summertime warmth. That's quite a gift in January! However, upon further inspection these pieces will do so much more. As you look at them, I challenge you not to feel a sense of fun and pure delight.

Recently, I have heard stories of sales of Thursday Sweet Treat items and, while that is not the point, I definitely understand it. All of the items created here and in the previous posts have radiate love, imagination and fun. Who wouldn't want a piece of that?

The pieces that are being created are little gifts from the center of the artist. They are created out of a need to learn a new skill, challenge oneself and simply play. Playing allows the imagination to bring dreams to life and each of these artists did that this week. All of them rose to a challenge and created new works that are professional, inspired, fun, thoughtful and unbelievably beautiful.

I invite you to sit back and bask in the beauty of the sunsets.

CeeJayBags created a few incredible pieces.
"Yesterday I found a few hours to play, so I broke out the much-neglected art supplies and play I did!" comments Ceejay. "Even blogged about it http://ceejaybags.blogspot.com/2009/01/day-of-creative-play.html."

Magazine Paper Collage Sublime Sunset - "...to get me back into the swing of things. It was great fun finding the colors that I wanted, and messing my hands up with gel medium again!"

Mixed Media Abstract Sublime Sunset - Closeup
Mixed Media Abstract Sublime Sunset - "...is done with inks, handpainted tissue, newspaper and acrylic on watercolor paper."

Mixed Media Sublime Sunset - "The third (and the one I'm so proud of) - mixed media abstract (sublime sunset) really just flew out of me! I don't even know where it came from, but I'm sure happy with it. It's done with liquid acrylics, tissue, glitter pens, ink and heavy bodied acrylics, on canvasette."

Jodi Horgan's gorgeous piece is called "Coral Sunset".

"My inspiration came after seeing your photo which reminded me of our family trips to the beach," said Jodi. "I recently had bought these beautiful fossilized coral beads and I immediately thought I could marry the two ideas. The fossilized coral is surrounded by fire opal beads which reminded me of the beautiful orange colors in a sunset. "

Coral Sunset

Fugsly's stunning artwork is titled, "I won't ride."
Acrylics on canvas - 9" by 6".

"The painting's about a quiet and happy rebellion," comments Fugsly. "I wanted to get across the feeling that you get stupid at hours of the morning when you feel like you're the only person awake but it's strangely comforting and not lonely. This (along with others) is going to be available as prints and aceos very soon!"

I Won't Ride

Janet Davies created the magnificent, "Haliewa Sunset Felted Bead Bracelet". Beads are wet felted from various wools and angelina flash then strung on heavy sterling silver wire with blue glass beads and secured with a sterling silver clasp.

This piece will appear in Janet's Fundraising Shop. All proceeds from this shop are being donated to the Matthew Hernan Medical Fund. Matthew suffers from a rare brain stem tumor. Please visit - http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5154587

"You really couldn’t have come closer to my heart with this one, " Janet said. "This invoked memories of my teen years in Hawaii when we would get up before dawn, load our surf boards, beer, towels, radios and as many people as we could talk into going in cars and head for the North Shore of Oahu where we would stay alllll day playing in the water and hanging out. Then we would sometimes go to Waimea Bay or just stay at Sunset beach to watch the amazing sunset before we packed it all up and drove home again, feeling the perfectly peaceful tiredness that comes with being and playing in water and sunshine. Covered still in salt and a little sand I would climb into bed, still literally feeling the rock of the waves and drift off into exquisite sleep. Yep, that was really my life."


Haliewa Sunset Felted Bead Bracelet

SpiritedWoodland's extraordinary piece is titled "Sunset Fairies Book Altered Art Journal With Extra Goodies - Find The Magic Within Yourself".

Sunset Fairies Book Altered Art Journal With Extra Goodies - Find The Magic Within Yourself

EarthDeva created this amazing artwork.

"My creation for this weeks Thursday Sweet Treat kinda happened along with the other things I've been making over the last few days," said EarthDeva. "I guess I must've been thinking about shadows, fireflies, frosty breath and the Sun. This pendant is the result. The Mahogany Obsidian is very deep brown, almost black - a shadow...and the Aquamarines sparkle a little like the firefly does - they also have a frosty look to them. The Copper wire is finished in a spiral, representing the Sun.This one will be appearing in my Etsy shop sometime in the next couple of days. "


Salvaged Expression"s super fun piece is titled, "Aztec Sun Bag".

"Actually the handles glow in the dark a bit too. ;)," said Salvaged.

Aztec Sun Bag

TheSilverLakeStudio's dazzling piece is titled, "Sunrise/Sunset".

"I created this out of sterling silver, with a touch of copper, that seems to add a little element of surprise," said TheSilverLakeStudio. "In metal fabrication, the hot new thing is "the marriage of metals". You may start with sterling, and add touches of bronze, gold, copper, or brass, in any form...flat sheet, wire, or other elements. I'm enjoying playing around with the concept. There is an abstract leaf pendant in my shop that features copper as the vein!"

"What inspired me.....Well, you did! What a fun project you came up with. I now look forward to Thursdays more than I ever did before. So, keep the challenges coming! It will make me a better metalsmith! " Dont't worry TheSilverLakeStudio, I will. You all make me a better artist!



Kelly, creator of kpdesigns07 created this spectacular piece titled, "Slice." Bright sunset background with black slices cut away from its view.


Into the Groove created a phenomenal bracelet.

"I had fun and learned a new technique making this bracelet," said Into the Groove. "It is made from hand rolled polymer clay beads covered with my new polymer clay sunset design."

Amanda, creator of Persistent Green, created an unforgettable piece titled, "WildCuff".
"When you were a kid, did you thrill at drawing outside the lines? Do you still?" asks Amanda. "WildCuffs celebrate quirkiness, color, and a zest for life. Each is finished with carefree layers of zigzag stitching, which are both dynamic and durable. The raw edges will break in like your favorite pair of cut-offs. See a loose thread? Go ahead, pull it. Go wild!"


Glass Elements's radiant piece is titled, "Sunset Memories" http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20331252
"Since winter is upon us, and Seattle has been rather dreary, I took my inspiration for this week from sunsets I've experienced when traveling, most recently in Australia," said GlassElements. "The memories of this trip bring a huge smile to my face and remind me how lucky I am to have experienced them! Like memories of warm sunsets from vacations past, this pendant and earring set is soft, warm and inviting. Multicolored glass with streaks of pinks, oranges and creams lend this pendant understated elegance. Adorable matching earrings finish out the set. "

Sunset Memories

Lorrie Veasey of Our Name is Mud created 2 stellar pieces.

1. GET ALONG LITTLE DOGGIES (Cowboy at Sunset) Ceramic tile 6 x 6 with MDF frame

2. SUNSET BOX Ceramic tile 4 x 4 and wood.

"This theme was really fun. Both of these pieces were created by pouring underglaze sideways over a tile, " said Lorrie.



Mia, creator of MiasGraphicDesigns created this fabulous piece titled, "Sublime Sunset"

"I wanted to create something that was reminiscent of spring and summer," said Mia, "but still had a little feel of the cold winter, so the vines coming down at the top of the image represent the falling night, and the winter that's slowly receding. The flowers are the little hopes that spring comes soon."


Sublime Sunset

Iris O'Connor, creator of Iris Design created a lovely piece titled, "Evening Song."
"I love it and it practically painted itself once the red paint hit the music sheet," said Iris. "I will develop a theme around it because i'm in love."

All of the artist's creations last week and the support, love and encouragement I received after taking a risk on my project inspired me to make a dream come true this week. As the proud owner of over 20 filled journals (journals help me to process life), I have always, always wanted to create inspirational journals for people. I just never imagined that I would. This week, I brought a lifelong dream to life - it's a first step but a step nonetheless. I am proud to share this with you. I am still debating if it will be in my shop but I hope you'll still stop by for a visit.

Gorgeous Moments Journal

Here are the words:

As the day draws to a close, the sun slips quietly
from its perch and a parade of colors – pink, l
avender, and ice blue – follow. It is in this
moment that I recount the day’s events and
make an important choice.
For I will not hang my emotions upon the things
that went wrong, nor will I let my mood
sour thinking of the ways my life is lacking.
Instead, I will celebrate the people I
know– both new and old – who add color
to my life. I will drink in the beauty
of life all around me letting the
sunset set my imagination ablaze,
and allow each gorgeous moment that
passes to fill me with magical electricity
that even fireflies will admire.
Then, using my two hands, my heart and my
mind, I will gather what I learn and
create gifts for the world in celebration of
every dazzling moment I am given. I will dream
and I will create long after the sky has grown
dark, the moon has kept watch and the
colors begin to appear again.

Now tell me - weren't these amazing??
Share your thoughts, comments and love here and then go visit these artists at their shops and blogs and share some more!


SalvagedExpression said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'm not a big one for the "hot" side of the color spectrum mostly but these items are so vibrant. I even got more excited about my own item seeing it up with all these others.

Natasha said...

Salvaged - Your items is incredible!! You are so right all the colors are so vibrant...all of these things make you happy to be alive!

ceejay said...

Gorgeous work!

Thank you, again and again for inspiring me and all of us.


Natasha said...

Ceejay - loved all of your work...especially Mixed Media Sublime Sunset...and thank YOU and to all of you for inspiring me!!

lilacwoman said...

Thank you Natasha!
Everyone's work looks so amazing.
Thank you for offering your heart and inspiration.

Natasha said...

No...thank you lilac! Your work was stunning and the fact that the purchase of it will help an incredible young man, Matthew, is a tribute to the beauty and inspiration within your heart.
Thank you for being such an inspiration!

SalvagedExpression said...

ceejay I have to agree your submission was gorgeous!

Natasha said...

See now it's moments like that Salvaged that make me love this group more and more!

Iris O'Connor said...

HA! I slipped in, just in time... :-O

This is marvellous art indeed and I am - again - so happy and relieved that I joined this talented group of Artists.

Natasha, I'm not really sure why you are debating with yourself, you are a born writer as far as I'm concerned and I believe your journalpages/poems have a place in your Etsy shop.
Go on...

CastAwayCreation said...

How amazing! I have a hard time picking a favorite but Lorrie's Sunset Box is something I instantly fell in love with.

Great theme!

Natasha said...

Iris - I was so glad you slipped in!! This piece is fantastic....so vibrant and filled with life...love it....I'M soooooo glad you join this group as well...I love this group...I just stand in awe of everyone....and as far as the encouragement (another reason I love this group) thank you.. I wonder if there will be a week that I don't cry - whether over the work or all the amazing love....doubt it....thank you from the bottom of my heart

Marja said...

Wow! These are all so beautiful, and I'm struck by the emotions that each creation stirs inside of me. Beautiful work everyone --keep creating out of love and inspiration and you will soar!

Marja said...

Oh, and Natasha - your creations deserve a chance to be snapped up by others that want to give them a good home. :)

Natasha said...

Marja - I am right with you on the emotions front. Each one made something happen - something good. "...keep creating out of love and inspiration and you will soar!" What BEAUTIFUL advice - so true!!
And thank YOU for the support and kudos on my pieces....right filled with tears and smiles right now...:)

CB said...

Wow, those colors are so vibrant and full of life! Everyone did such a good job on them. :)

Natasha said...

CB - on behalf of everyone I say thank you - everyone made such ...well vibrant is the only right word - creations...it's such an honor to have met these folks - will you join in on the fun??

Rowena said...

I was inspired by the theme, but just finished last night (it took a really long time!) so I missed the post, but thought I'd put a link here. I hope that's okay, natasha.

Natasha said...

Rowena!!! I LOVE that you created a piece...I'm SO excited ...and so happy you joined...I want to see it...where is the link?? I will add to the post so people know where to look!!! Oh so much more than ok...I'm THRILLED!

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Okay, where's the Kleenex? These works of art all grabbed me and wouldn't let go... and how perfect to end with your journal, Natasha. I must be catching your wavelength over here, because I've also been dreaming of creating inspirational journals! Yours is beautiful & important.



Natasha said...

Amanda - I'm right with you!! Short on Kleenex and big on happy tears...it's all inredible...I love your wild cuff...it makes me want to celebrate...really celebrate! I think we should both create journals - maybe even do something super fun together. Thank you for the kudos on mine...I want see yours because I KNOW I'll love it and want to grab it! Great work, Amanda - really great

jodi said...

Natasha, thanks again for all your help. I was so excited to see how others would interpret your theme. I can't wait to see what you pick next.

Natasha said...

Jodi - it's an honor to have your work included with these artists. You were such a pleasure to work with ....your work is great you should be proud!

Natasha said...

NEW SUBMISSION from Rowena - check it out..it's fantastic!!!! http://warriorgirl.blogspot.com/2009/01/flying-girl-was-only-waiting-for-this.html

BookWormz said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing!!

Natasha said...

BookWormz...thank YOU for visiting and cheering for all of these amazing folks...beautiful is the perfect description!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

So many inspired works and so many talented artists! Great work everyone. :)

agoodwitchtoo said...

Those are all such stunning creations! WOW!

Natasha said...

Ruth and agoodwitchtoo- I couldn't have said it any better myself! On behalf of everyone here, I say thank you AND hope you'll play and continue to cheer!

sleeplessimagination said...

I am so impressed with the variety of things people came up with. So beautiful, creative, unique...this is such a great blog. Thank you for letting me know about it!

Natasha said...

Sleeplessimagination - I think that's one of the greatest things about this is the variety ...it's amazing to see how each person interprets the theme. I'm so glad you like it all. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Will you join in for one?