Thursday, March 3, 2011

First 2011 Theme! Sky Blue

Announcement: So the new site is not fully ready yet. It needs a few more things AND I'm still deciding how to best work this merger. BUT let's not let that stop us from playing!!

The TST is NOW open for business!!

A couple of things to note. I would like the Thursday unveiling to remain a largely visual experience. So, I ask that we keep the things we write to accompany our finished masterpieces brief. HOWEVER......

I'm EXTREMELY interested in process. So, when you submit your piece or pieces, please share an additional paragraph about the process of creating the work. If you were creating and you made a mistake, share that as well as mistakes are often just little nudges to take our designs in a different direction, one better suited for it.

I will be highlighting 1 artist each week. I will highlight their creation as well as the process. So, if you have included a longer "process" piece I will post that along with the work. I hope that makes sense. If not, please let me know.

Ok...ready let's dive in!

How you choose to interpret the theme is completely up to you. It simply needs to be tasteful – no pornography or messages of hate here. When you sit down to create, you cannot think about how people will or will not receive your work. You are required to simply enjoy the act of creating.

This week we are going to focus on Sky Blue. Now you are free to interpret that any way you wish. Perhaps you would like to create something using the color of the sky during the day or the deep color of it at night...the sky, oh so blue. Or maybe sky blue makes you think of the eyes of your Mom, daughter, or someone you love. Let this color take you where it wants to go!

Important Guidelines

The work submitted must be something you have created and/or worked on between the time the theme was revealed and the Thursday unveiling. Please submit your response to no later than end of day Wednesday, March 9th if you would like it to be posted on Thursday, March 10th. OR send me a link to your response to include in the comments section of the post.

With your response please include:

1. Your name - either first name, shop name, blog name or all three.

2. The name of your piece (if you choose to give it one)

3. Something you'd like to share (idea behind piece) if you'd like to share anything. Please limit this to 2-3 sentences

4. A small paragraph on the process of creating this work in case you are chosen as the artist of the week

4. Links you'd like to include

5. Two photos of your piece or of each of the pieces (3x5 or 4x6 and 72dpi or a max of 96dpi - if you need any help with that please don't worry I'd be happy to help!)

Most importantly, let your imagination soar up, up , up and away!


Trina said...


I am here to tell you that I'm having a hard time commenting on this post beauase I'm doing cartwheels in my total, utter, awesome, excitement.

Yay, I am so glad we're back!!!! I can't wait until Thursday to see how all of this comes together!

Love you, and I miss all of my TST buddies. But only for a little while longer! Yay.

Natasha said...

Trina!!! I'm wicked excited too!!! I can't wait I'm SOOOO ready to get back to creating!! AND I MISSED YOU ALL!!!

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...


Natasha said...

Jenjen!! I just laughed SOOO freakin hard!! AND I can't get the Flintstones out of my head LOL!!!

mel said...

omg omg omg i'm IN!!


how seriously fun is this?


Natasha said...

MEL!!!!! MEL!!!!!!! I'm cartwheeling all over the place RIGHT this second!! YAY!!! I was SOOOOOO hoping you'd's going to be AWESOME!! You are going to love the folks here...they rock...just like YOU!