Monday, February 14, 2011

Universal LOVE

Life has been NUTS! The whole family was sick and it felt as though it would never end. Everything was put on the back burner but now I'm playing.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day gal because I think it can often make people feel bad. It's geared toward couples "in love" when really it should be about love - universal. However, I do dig the idea that there is a day to remind us of what we should be doing all the time - loving one another well.

So, in honor of loving all I'm celebrating ART JOURNAL LOVE DAY! I created a page and I thought I knew exactly how it would turn out and I found that it's completely different from what I imagined. I also discovered it's for a friend who needs to remember how loved she is these days.

So, pop over to Dirty Footprints if you have a sec and make an art journal page. Share it on your blog and you could win ...a prize! YES, a TOTAL LOVE FEST PRIZE!! Woooohoooo

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