Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inspiration In MANY Forms

This beautiful piece titled "Bring On The Wonder" was created by Effy Wild
© Effy Wild

I love being inspired although I never know where I will find it. When I stumble across something exceptionally inspirational it strikes the heart of me like a lightning bolt. That sensational feeling pulses through my limbs, ignites a fire in my brain and won't let go till I finally get off my ass and do something about it. I love things that move me to create.

So, I've decided to send along some inspiration to you. ALL of the artists listed here are WONDERFUL. Whether you decide to make something or join in on the fun you will be inspired by each of these amazing folks.

Caffeinated Frenzy's Love Bug Experiment

The world needs more love - plain and simple. Why not be a part of sharing that love?
The stupendously crafty, ultra talented artist Kelsey, creator of the adorable Caffeinated Frenzy started a project that invites people to leave her cute little Love Bugs with a note in public spaces for others to find – why? To brighten their day and make them smile. How awesome is that?? She has even decided to share her Love Bug pattern with everyone so you can make your own to leave around. Feeling crafty? Want to teach the kids how to share the beauty of art and make someone’s day??

Please visit her blog for the pattern, grab your kiddos or some friends and start spreading the love! I left some in NYC was a BLAST!!!

List-makin' with Artsyville

The lovely, super funny and wickedly talented Aimee, creator of Artsyville, has just added a little more fun to the week. Join her every Tuesday for a little list-making craziness and who knows what kinds of lists you can come up with....I might start with how many different types of chocolate I eat in a given week! LOL!


The insanely inspiring, mega-talented Connie, creator of Dirty Footprints Studio, has an incredible workshop coming that you won't want to miss! BIG is all about Fearless painting. However, from what I've seen and what I know about the unforgettable, transforming teaching style of Connie, I can tell you it's about way more than's about living a FEARLESS life. Interested?? Pop on over to Dirty Footprints Studio and check it out.

Art Journaling 2011

The warm, engaging, exceptionally talented Effy Wild, creator of Wild. Precious wants to give back. This art journaler extraordinairre will be offering a Free Art Journaling workshop in the beginning of 2011. Have you ever done art journaling? Ever wanted to try? Check it out and share your thoughts when you visit Here.

Thursday Sweet Treat

And of course, this space. The Thursday Sweet Treat themes will begin again next week. SOOOOO, come play next Thursday when a new theme will be shared and much more.....

Have a great weekend!!


Lis said...

Hi Natasha!

I now know whenever my energy or creativity flags, I'll be popping over here for a juicy dose of enthusiasm and joy!

Were you in the last group of BIG? I am in the Tribe and we are excited to have more members join us. You are so right, Connie is just amazing. And she attracts the very best creative souls :)

Okay, off to peruse your lovely blog. Have an amazing day. Oh, I bet you already are doing just that :)

xo Lis

Effy said...

You made my day. :)

Natasha said...

Lis...I LOVE that you were here!!! You are so awesome...just full of sunshine....makes me happy! I wasn't in the last session of BIG I'm in the one now and I'm SOOO excited about it!! I'd love to hear what your experience was like...BIG hugs to you!!

Effy ...I love that...your work deserves to be shared :)