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Exceptionally Talented Artists Bare Their Souls As They Explore Vast Landscapes


1. The 2009 Paws for Charity Art Book by Paws for Charity and various, amazing artists including Michelle of mkc photography is one of the Wildcard entries for the Blockhead Radio Artisan Challenge this week so let's show our support!

2. Jodi Horgan's Black and White Art Pendant won last week's jewelry category on Blockhead Radio's Artisan Challenge which means it's in the Weekly Challenge this week so let's show her some support as well!

3. Next week, I will be hosting a forum discussion about the Thursday Sweet Treat project with the 2nd graders. I will let you know the date shortly. Thank you for your patience. I am more than a little excited about this!!

4. Many apologies for the delay in getting the new site up. I had a few setbacks but it will be up soon. Many thanks to all of you who have shown me so much love, support, and encouragement. I can never express what that means to me. I am deeply humbled and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'd like to start today's unveiling by thanking Amanda of Persistent Green for creating this incredible theme. (Please join me in a round of applause right now...LOL...I know you are sitting at your computer but she can totally hear it!) This week's theme moved me in a way no theme has before. I felt as though I learned a great deal more about these talented artists that I have come to adore. Just when I thought I understood the heart, passion, imagination, and depth of each artist, I discovered a whole new realm within them, within their soul and I fell more deeply in love. For that, I am eternally grateful.

The magic of this theme and this community as a whole is that each new work has the power to transform beliefs, ideas...entire lives for the better. This theme did that for me and, if you open yourself up to the possibility that we all have a magical landscape of beauty inside that needs to be shared and explored, then this theme will do the same for you.

These powerful, professional, amazing artists created landscapes filled with beauty, joy, splendor, love and magic. Please join me in exploring the most exquisite landscapes of the soul

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes, creator of mkc photography, created this unbelievably touching piece titled, "Memories of Spring".

"Taking this photo was a way for me to hold on to the beautiful memories I have of my grandmother: when I read the theme, I thought instantly of her, how she is intrinsically part of my landscape, part of my soul," said Michelle. "The blue of the sky reminds me of her eyes, the pink blossoms are the same color as the lovely dress she once made for me, the white the color of her wavy hair (I've written a bit more in my blog this week: all are welcome to stop by if you have an extra few minutes)."

Kelsey, creator of CaffeinatedFrenzy, created this absolutely unforgettable landscape.

"I really enjoyed this week's theme," said Kelsey. "I had more ideas to include than this, but not enough time for it all. I don't know how one would really define landscape, but I decided to give it a loose definition of places, chose a few places that inspired me, and worked from there. Each piece represents a different place, I put them all together to form one landscape of my own soul.:)

A parking lot on a rainy day: Cirque, scarflette.
Somewhere in India: Colorful stuffed elephant.T
The Island of Socotra: Quirky tree.

Jenjen Furer, creator of Gotta Love Mom, created this truly stunning work, “Just Because I’m Me”.

"It’s been a crazy ride, and yet I’m at peace," said Jenjen. "As I was sitting in my family room with my family, a view just reminded me of what makes me “me”.

Due to time constraints and some of my limited artistic ways and means, the only thing I can do (every week) is take pictures with my beat-up Canon Elph digital camera. And hopefully with the help of some creativity I hope I can capture what’s in my soul. My mind thinks in images and hopefully I can translate such images in words that will make you understand who I am.

I took a picture of my backyard and my door in the family room , multiplied it by three and then combined it with the other photos of the past and the present.. I played around with it to make the colors vibrant – just like how I’m starting to live my life and hopes the future brings.

Every week, every entry seems like an addition to my “book” (No More Tears…), and with all your inspiration and motivation, one day it’ll be complete."

Just Because I’m Me

I am who I am for YOU gave me LIFE,
I am who I am for the joys that make my heart sing.
I am who I am for the struggles I had to bear,
I am who I am for the pains I endured,
I am who I am for the sorrows I complained about,
I am who I am JUST BECAUSE I’M ME.

I am who I am for my PAST that molded me,
I am who I am for every wrong path I took,
I am who I am for the memories haunted me,
I am who I am for the stars I reached,
I am who I am for the tears I shed,
I am who I am JUST BECAUSE I’M ME.

I am who I am for my PRESENT that keeps me at peace,
I am who I am for the pleasures of motherhood,
I am who I am for the daily hugs and kisses,
I am who I am for the pins and needles of anxieties,
I am who I am for the love of my husband
I am who I am JUST BECAUSE I’M ME.

I am who I am for the FUTURE that’s approaching,
I am who I am for the dreams I hope to fulfill,
I am who I am for the opportunities I yet have to seize,
I am who I am for the wonders full of astonishment,
I am who I am for the love that keeps multiplying,
I am who I am JUST BECAUSE I’M ME.

My soul, my being, my entire goal
All connected
So powerful,
So intense,
So passionate.
My family, my own self, my very purpose
Is a treasure that’s in my Past, my Present and my Future.

Amanda, creator of this theme and Persistent Green, created this simply exquisite 6 x 11.5" watercolor painting titled, "Internal Landscape".

"Many thanks to Natasha, again, for allowing me the honor of creating this week's theme," said Amanda. "As I searched for the accompanying quotes and images, I was struck by how many different interpretations an artist could have on such a classic subject--landscapes. I've never enjoyed creating them because I let myself get boxed in by the traditional, representational idea. This week, I wanted to challenge myself to create MY landscape--the lay of the land according to my heart, my soul. No surprise, then, that I turned to riotous color, fluid lines, and texture (if only simulated this time)."

Janie, creator of Lifeartdesigns and MyPolymerClayCanes, created this unforgettable, radiant, moving piece titled, "Love is Patient, Love is Kind."

Love is Patient, Love is Kind...

"My entry this week is actually a work in progress for a custom order," said Janie. "It wasn't due until the first of next month, but when I saw this week's theme, I knew this box was meant for it. And after the tragic loss that Nastasha and her family experienced, I felt I had to do it. So, I stopped everything else and worked on it. A daughter is going to give this to her Mother for Mother's Day. She hasn't seen it yet, so I hope that if she does, she will forgive me for showing it here first.

Landscape of the Soul...I picked this box because I believe that the landscape of our souls are based on the love or lack thereof that we perceive or receive (or don't) from the second we are born until the day we die. Everything we do, believe, and perceive is flavored by love and creates the ever changing landscape of our souls.

The verse of I Corinthians 13, "Love is patient, love is kind..." is my favorite and the one my husband and I used for our wedding vows. I photographed the box on black satin to visually express my condolences to Natasha and her family. I hope this expression is is done with love.

It is my hope and prayer that for anyone who is alone and feels they have no love of another on this Earth, that they will know that they will always have God's love forever and will never really ever be alone no matter what."

Salvaged Expression created this wonderfully awesome piece.

"I'm submitting this piece as a bit of a work in progress rather than waiting for the mini monthly 1. because I really missed TST and 2. because I just want to share this piece! This drawing was actually inspired by 3 friends and the landscape of their combined souls," said Salvaged.

"My friend and I both work in the environmental industry where she locates wetlands including the habitat of the very adorable and much endangered Bog Turtle. Now this same friend and my SO are both getting into beer brewing and have been discussing it passionately for the last couple of months. I was inspired to create this drawing I call Benny, the Beer Swilling Bog Turtle in the fond hope that my friend would make a swamp water brew sometime or just hang it in her cube and laugh. The bog turtle is relaxing in his slightly disturbed habitat sipping one of my husband's brews which has been marked with wetland flagging tape, a clear sign of my friend's passing. I was apparently successful since both want to use the drawing which I've been busily cleaning up and coloring digitally for easy label printing."

Maureen, a talented artist, created this stunningly beautiful piece.

"This week's prompt--Landscape of the soul--tugged at me," said Maureen. "I had a nearly instant idea of what I wanted to do, but couldn't see how it related to the prompt. As the week progressed, I realized that the prompt was calling me, oh so gently, to finally inhabit the landscape of my own soul. I'd fallen deeply in love with watercolor several years ago. But I had no courage to work in this medium outside of the class, in my own home. Fear of failure blockaded me. In recent weeks, I've been able to start playing some, with splooshing color on paper, with helping my sister's 2nd graders fall in love with watercolor. Finally, this week, I was able to let myself try something that was other than wholly abstract. I used professional grade paper and brushes, and leftover paint from the $1.00 paint sets I used with the 2nd graders. I think it is the first time I have signed a piece of art this year. All of this taking place in me is aided by the incredible community of artists and art lovers here at TST. Thanks to all of you.******And a last, big-as-humanly-possible hug goes to you, Natasha, for all you do here. Your kindness and generosity are boundless."

Marja, creator of Glass Elements, created this striking, awe-inspiring piece titled, "Piha - My Favorite Landscape."

"This week's theme inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace a technique I just recently learned - photokilnforming," said Marja. "The process involves selecting a photo or image, transfering it onto glass and then sandblasting to create a relief of the photo. The image is then brought to life by painting the relief with high fire enamels and subsequently firing in the kiln. For this piece, I've also slumped it into a gentle curve so it can stand on its own."

"The photo that I used for this piece is of one of my favorite places and definitely my favorite landscape - Piha Beach in New Zealand, where I married my husband in 2006. The piece is simple, yet elegant, and brings me undefinable joy, just like the memories of my wedding day."

Giraffelabel created this exceptionally fabulous RUTHIE bag.

"I love the proust quote "...having new eyes." I feel like most of my pieces come from being able to see one thing, but imagine what it could be," said Giraffelabel. "I guess that is what most of artwork is. Some people (the artists) can see what could be, and some people just need a nudge in the right direction. And, after reading the theme for the week, this fabric just completely stood out to me. I love the colors, the flowers, the leaves...these are the things I like to see in a beautiful landscape."

Felicia Kramer, creator of Another Bright Idea, created this incredibly stunning piece titled, “An artist’s landscape of the soul”.

"As I worked, I wasn’t conscious of what kind of a message I might send with the images I chose; I truly just played with layers," said Felicia. "But now that it’s complete, I see it as a reflection of my artist’s soul – real and surreal, light and dark, colorful and subdued. Sort of like a favorite quote by Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”"

Let me just say that I loved this theme and started working on a piece shortly after it was unveiled. However, that piece was put on hold for now as another was begging to come to life. One afternoon, I sat here staring at the prompt, then went to work on getting Janet Davies piece up. Somewhere between staring at the prompt, re-reading the incredible response to Monday's post and reading Janet's words, I had an idea that needed to come to life.

I began to think about the idea of "landscaping". I thought about the ways we work to plant new flowers and then trim and care for them throughout the year. Don't our souls need the same type of nourishment, the same love, the same attention and care? In the last week, I've come to realize that we, as a society, need to take better care of ourselves and one another. We need to create special moments where we remind those around us how much we love them...but how? We can't call our loved ones at work over and over to say, "I love you," for they would surely get fired. We can't waltz into our child's classroom whenever we feel like it and tell them we think they are wonderful, gorgeous beings because we'd be quite a distraction to the teacher not to mention very uncool to our kids.

So, I created these. Here are 10 "Remember" notes. Each are roughly the size of business cards and contain a little message, an image, both and, in some cases, a blank space so you can write something all your own for the person you love. Then, stick them in your child's lunchbox or under their pillow. Drop them in your spouses or partners book or paper as they leave the house. Send one to a friend inside a card or a box of chocolate. Or simply leave them in public spaces for people to find. People can save them in their handbag, their wallet, wherever as a reminder of how much we love them. They can see it anytime they's our little gift to them.

Creating these pieces helped me to turn confusion into something positive. I literally began to feal joy and love ... it was wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration, Amanda, Janet and every beautiful soul here.

Here are samples of the "Remember" notes. On your left, you will see the front of the card and then the image directly beneath is what it says or looks like on the back.

Carrie Guzzino, creator of Wash My Cloth, created this exceptionally fantastic purse titled, ""Marcel's New Eyes".

"I was inspired by the very first quote: "The only real voyage ofdiscovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having neweyes." ~Marcel Proust," said Carrie. "In having new eyes. I have been working on purses that aren't your run of the mill shape and design. Crocheting the bag and then building onto that base to create a sculpted purse has become a focus of late. For this purse, I took a basic purse, which women use and need, then mixed it with something not usually associated with humanlife. The flow of the snake wrapping itself around the bag and forming the handle was my version of a Dali painting.

Patti, creator of Peacoxcreations, created these beautfully done cards.

"Thought it was great that "Landscape of the Soul" coincided with Earth Day so I couldn't resist the Emerson quote, "Earth laughs in flowers"! I created two greeting cards to express his thought," said Patti. "And then when I had my fun stamp out, I did a couple more cards that have a "Happy Retirement" stamped inside as well. I hope they will inspire folks like me, who retired long ago, to really enjoy their lives."

Bird, creator of Crow Tarot, Kitty Hawke, Cat Bird Crystals, and One Earth, One Tribe, shared this beautifully inspiring work.

"With a theme like that, channelling seemed very much the appropriate thing to do for this week. :-) Once again, a Guide's Roundtable on the topic, tho' this time augmented by quotes as the prompts. All quotes are from The Quotations Page (

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.
Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

Well, the path does not HAVE to be long & arduous. That is a choice, as any other. But the Quest... that is a true thing. The search is the thing, the Journey, that creates the landscape of your soul. The hills, the valleys, the mountains, the plains, the fertile seas and seemingly barren deserts – all are a part of your Journey, both here and in the higher realms in which your soul resides.

You create this landscape as you live your life, every moment reflected in its nature, its creations both here & beyond. The exciting thing about this is that if you do not like the landscape that is surrounding you at this moment, you can easily change it. Imagine yourself in your inner world, walking along a path. What surrounds you at this moment? Are you feeling dry, barren of inspiration? You might see a desert, where life teems, but in struggle. Picture it blooming, becoming a lush plain of green grass & flowers. Or whatever else signifies creativity to you. Revel in this new landscape, bring its essence to you – what does it taste like, smell like? What sounds are in the air, what sights do you see? As you grow this lush oasis in your heart, picture it spreading throughout your whole life. Revisit this landscape as often as you need, whenever you are feeling in need of refreshment. Make it a part of you & let yourself bloom! :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)
-Benedetto, Angel, and High Guide of Light for Bird

Muse Adriata
Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
Henry Ward Beecher (1813 - 1887), Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit, 1887

Yes, this is truth. You cannot create other than what you are. You can imagine things other than you are, and explore them in your works, but even so, they will still contain what you are. This is not a limitation. It is a signature, if you will, marking a piece as uniquely yours.

You can learn a lot about a person, by watching and studying their creations. Including yourself. Life is a Journey of learning who you really are, and why you have chosen the things you have chosen to be. Life is a Journey of exploration, of adding bits and pieces to your soul's wisdom, like sewing jewels on a dress, and just as sparkly, and as precious. ;-D

Don't be afraid of what your works might tell you about yourself. Remember, nothing is carved in stone. Just as stone wears away over time, so too you can choose to change anything about yourself that you no longer wish to carry with you.

But at the same time, be careful of changing yourself to be what you think the World will want you to be. The World does not care who you are, other than that you should be your truest Self. All things exist somewhere, and all beings exist somewhere. So you have the freedom to be exactly who you wish to be, beholden to no-one but yourself.

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)
-Adriata, Muse & High Guide of Light for Bird

Lady Coco
Man is his own star and the soul that can render an honest and perfect man commands all light, all influence, all fate.
John Fletcher (1579 - 1625), 1647

Humans are indeed their own selves, whether called star or soul or pizza or any of the other names that have been invented for the essence of a being. It is a striving, this desire for perfection, and tho' it is known that true perfection will only be achieved at the very end of days, a form of perfection can be achieved in this world.

It is a worthy thing to strive for, this perfection, although it is also important to remember that it should remain a striving. A descent into obsession is not a useful thing.

As you seek to achieve this perfection, and indeed the more you come closer to it, the more you will find that your outer world will change to reflect this new inner world you have chosen. So in that sense, yes, you do indeed find that your world is literally yours to create.

So create it well, dear ones! :-)
Lady Coco, High Guide of Light for Bird

Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.
Henry Miller (1891 – 1980)

True, true. If you concentrate only on yourself, then that is all you will see. By doing so, you miss out on all the beauty that surrounds you, the beautiful variety that is the prime source of all. Both you and your works are diminished by this.

The landscape of your soul becomes featureless and barren – a vast empty wasteland spreading as far as the mind can experience.

So, experience Art & Life & Joy! Get out into the world and revel in all it has to offer you! See everything that is happening around you – the joy, the pain, the living, the dying, all the cycles that surround you in endless patterns of rebirth & variation.

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

-Jeremiah, Muse & Guide of Light for Bird

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Did these works touch your soul?

Please share your thoughts, ask the artists questions, leave a comment and some love here. Then, go visit these artists at their shops and blogs, share some more and tell a friend! Thanks so much for visiting!!


SalvagedExpression said...

This theme is possibly my favorite so far. I had more ideas and more stories pop up in my mind than I could possibly work with at one time.
Thank you PersistentGreen and Natasha for all this beauty.
Glass Elements your piece was beautiful! Further proof that I need to go to NZ some day.
Another Bright Idea I love your piece and the quote that goes with it. I often feel the same way particularly about my interests and art and it looks like a lot of creative types do too.
Now I'm waiting with baited breath for Friday!

Natasha said...

Salvaged - Benny, the Beer Swilling Bog Turtle is an absolute riot! I love him and the entire story behind him...awesome work.

I'm with you I loved this one and had such fun with it..thank you Amanda! What a rock star you are!! Glass Elements piece made my jaw hit the floor..I am just in awe..I loved it...and Another Bright's piece and quote were unforgettable ...

meherio68 said...

Couldn't make it this week — too busy doing landscaping of sorts (and thoughts) in the country. But I am not even sorry!
I have just been oooing and aaahing for the past few minutes...
I must come back when I have more time to read the texts properly, but I can already tell you that your lanscapes have opened as many wonderful windows for me tonight!
I do have a soft spot too for Benny, the Beer Swilling Bog Turtle — noww there's a survivor for you!— and for the rainbow-coloured elephant, but I am with Salvaged Expression here: to me, this is the most fantastic bunch of beauties since I discovered the blog.
You all rock!

SalvagedExpression said...

Natasha, I'm glad benny made you laugh, he does the same for me. I end up saying the name like Dr. Evil which only makes it worse.

Wash my Cloth is that purse felted? I love the idea for it and to me felting is so brave since you're just letting something you made change in ways you can't always control. I loved that Proust quote too!

jodi said...

Each week I'm amazed by the beautiful pieces of work that people submit. Great theme this week. I'd love to comment on everyone's, but here are few of my favorites.

mkc photography - beautiful photo. love your work. i love the story that inspired your photo.

persistentgreen - i LOVE your watercolor painting. i think because it represents my internal landscape right now.

lifeartdesigns - the box is incredible. any mother would love it.

glasselements - way to go. i'm so glad you tried something new. i've never heard of photokilnforming. i love the effect. just incredible.

Additionally, thanks Natasaha for mentioning the Blockhead Radio Artisan Challege. Thank you to everyone who has voted.

Hopefully, I'll have time to play next week.

Natasha said...

I've got a thread going if anyone wants to play!

Michelle (mkc photography) said...

Such a lovely, revealing group of expressions here today: I smiled as I read and enjoyed everyone's entries, and Marja's piece totally blew me away! I have never even heard of that technique and I'm enamored with the! Natasha, your cards are a fantastic idea and I love the thought of someone finding one in an unexpected public place :-) Felicia and Jenjen, you both put together lovely and complex images - thank you for sharing them. See all you TST-ers tomorrow!

JanetDavies said...

I loved this weeks TST, it's my favorite so far! Natasha, those cards are so perfect. I agree with Michelle, it would be sooo fun to stash them in unexpected places.
Maureen's painting was so moving to me, like I know her already. I'm so happy for the appearance made by the round table. Felicia, those pieces are gorgeous, it's true, you do contain multitudes. I think all the artists here contain multitudes, vast and wondrous!

Natasha said...

meherio68 - you were completely missed!! I love that these opened windows for you..that's come play again :) Salvaged turtle is off the hook and that rainbow elephant..all those pieces are so incredible

SalvagedExpression - the fact that you use the Dr. Evil voice is a riot...isn't Wash My Cloth's purse fantastic?
Just great

jodi - you were missed...hope to see you next week...good luck with the challenge and all the pieces you mentioned are amazing aren't they?? I'm just blown away this week!

Michelle - I just absolutely LOVED your photo and the piece you wrote...I will be by later to visit your blog...gorgeous work that would make your grandma proud...hugs...and thank you for the kudos on the cards...I think it would be such fun for people to find....and Glasselements pieces leaves you is the only right work and Felicia and Jenjen...touching, beautiful work I agree

Natasha said...

JanetDavies - soooo great to see you were missed as well...thank you for the words about my cards that is exactly what I'm going to start doing...stashing them...I agree Maureen's painting was amazing...I too was moved and felt closer to her...the roundtable was amazing as well and Felicia's piece was so stunning... I love the multitudes...Janet, so glad you are here to cheer :)

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

WOW! I'm kind of honored being with everyone sooo talented. I feel like a little kid who just visited Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Amanda - thumbs-up for that awesome theme!

I'm heading out for Day5 of PowerDown week - walk, bike, hike to the partk with my 8yo and other kids in school....but I just wanted to take a quick peek.

I just posted the story behind my piece in my site. My 8yo earlier asked me, "Mom, why is it in Disney dreams do come true?"

I have to show him everyone's creativity so I can respond to him and say, "See, dreams do come true here at TST!"

I'll be back later after the work to admire more of everyone's MAGNIFICENT work!

Thanks again, Natasha..

CaffeinatedFrenzy said...

Amazing work!
One of my favorites this week was doodlestar's remember notes, we have a very similar philosophy. Much like my Ed from a few weeks ago, I think she understands the value and importance of making someone feel loved. And they're adorable little cards :)
SalvagedExpression's piece made me smile.
Amanda's Internal Landscape is beautiful. It makes me think of a landscape painting, but the warm colors have a personal, soulful kind of appeal.

giraffelabel said...

i think i need to get a thesouras so i can look up some new words for "wow" and "amazing"...because that is what comes to mind whenever the new tst is put up! seeing these beautiful works of art really does make me feel happy that i am included. i have so much fun every week, and again, i cannot wait for the next one!!

lifeartdesigns said...

Gosh, another awesome Thursday with such wonderful treats! Love them all, but my favorite this time is Felicia's. Natasha, I love your cards! When i went out of town a couple of weeks ago, I left notes for my hubby hidden every's a great thing to do! I would rather have yours though with all their cheer and color.

I'm so glad I got to play these last two weeks because sadly, I'll be missing for a while. I'm going out of town next weekend for an art fair and then, we are packing up to sell our house and move! But I shall return and until then I'll be soaking up your guy's treats!

Felicia Kramer said...

OK, no hesitation here - this is without a doubt my favorite week ever.

Michelle's photo had me at 'flower/pink.' I'm becoming a big fan, Michelle.
Kelsey - gorgeous colors and textures!
Jenjen - it's not the price of the camera, but the talented eye behind it. Love your photo collage AND your poem.
Amanda - your colorful landscape just jumps off the page!
Janie - I covet containers of all kinds: boxes, bags, tins. Your box is beautiful!
Maureen - I love your watercolor - you should do more of that.
Marja - OK THIS IS FELICIA'S FAVORITE! That piece is exquisite. I want it.
Giraffe - what fun fabric! The colors remind me of a favorite purse I had once.
Natasha - your "Remember" notes are thoughtful and delightful - just like you!
Patti - You used my favorite earth quote! I like the technique you used for the cards.
Bird - there's a lot that is thought provoking in your submission. And I'm borrowing the artist quote - love it.

Wow - what a week!

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

I'm so humbled and moved by the entries this week...thank you all so much. What an amazing feeling to have one simple concept taken and turned into these incredible, varied works of art.

There's no way I can pick one favorite, so I'm just going to respond to each one! Bear with me. :)

mkc: I loved your description as much as your photograph. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. You reminded me of mine, as well.

Kelsey: I especially enjoyed your scarflette--the mix of subtle and bold colors is really striking.

Jenjen: your heart and soul are so apparent each week. I love your dreamy image and companion poem. I can't wait to see that book!

Janie: what a joy it must be to help a daughter give such a thoughtful gift to her mother. Beautiful.

Salvaged: again, your words were just as enjoyable as your sweet little bog turtle! I love his expression.

Maureen: such a warm, cozy feeling in both your painting and in the studio photo. Your thoughts about the importance of signing this piece remind me very much of your story about the 2nd graders feeling the power of becoming authors...that doesn't lessen even as we grow.

Will be back in a moment!

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

Marja: WOW! You're new to this process? It looks as if you've been doing it for years. Absolutely stunning.

giraffe: I want that bag! I especially love the orange backing of the straps and the cheerful tie. Also, your thoughts on the Proust quote are spot on--I think that's exactly what we are called to do as artists...see this world with new eyes.

Felicia: The layering here, and the contrasts you described, give an incredible richness to your piece. I'm in love!

Natasha: I hope you're going to offer those cards for sale! I was so touched by your idea of landscaping ourselves and our loved ones... those cards are obviously the result of true inspiration, and I'm so proud of you for following that leading even though it was totally different from what you had in mind! They're fantastic and will touch so many people. My favorite is the water skiier!

Carrie: I'm not a big fan of snakes, but I love this one! So colorful and, yes, Dali-esque.

One more post coming! :D

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

Patti: I never thought about this theme covering Earth Day! How cool. Love the colors in your cards.

Bird: such interesting ideas, as always. I love your quotes, too--I hadn't heard most of them before. Thank you for sharing.

meherio: thanks for cheering us on! It's great to have an audience outside "just" the participants, too. :)

jodi: I loved hearing that my painting mirrored your internal landscape! That amazes me, because it was so personal to cool that it speaks to others as well. Hope you join us next week!

Janet: thanks for stopping by! Your artist playdate was fantastic.

lifeart: as Natasha said, landscaping your life is just as important! I look forward to having you play with us again.

Hugs to everybody!

Felicia Kramer said...

Carrie - I just realized I skipped over you when making my comments. I love your snake, but unlike some scary Dali pieces, I think your snake is cute and cuddly!

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


A quick glance for now, as I am deep in my day, but just that quick glance is enough to tell me that this week is a Treat indeed! :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)

Marja/Glass Elements said...

What a wonderful varied collection of Landscapes! My favorite part of Thursdays is checking TST out to see what amazing things you've all created.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments - it definitely inspires me to experiment more w/photokilnforming! :) I just need the right photos -- mck's would be PERFECT! ;)

Natasha - you are going to put those adorable cards in your shop, aren't you? I need to send a few... :)

Rowena said...

These are wonderful. I love all the interpretations.

I however just finished my landscape this afternoon, so i missed the deadline. I'll be posting it on my blog tomorrow though. I used some collage, which I haven't used that often lately, so I kind of like it.

CaffeinatedFrenzy said...

I had to come back to this three times. :) I feel like when I look at this much work at once, I can't appreciate each one quite as well.
Some more of my favorites-
Felicia. The sky in this piece is gorgeous and I love the tree silhouette. The flowers are fascinating, almost alien like.
Maureen-I think you should dare to play with watercolors more often. I've never seen color intensity used like that except in watercolors, and clearly, you know how to use it. :)

Natasha, may I post photos of your cards on my blog? I want to feature other artists who use that make someone smile philosophy.

Natasha said...

I love it here...I love everything about from the amazing artwork to all of you...look at the way you support, encourage, share, care, celebrate, love,'s amazing.

Jenjen - hope the PowerDown was, my friend, are an incredibly talented artist who doesn't give herself enough credit..your work was incredible. I love that image..the dreamlike quality of it and your words...they will stay with me..."dreams do come true here at the TST" might be my favorite line EVER!

Frenzy - I LOVED your pieces ...I want them all...the work you do is phenomenal ..there is joy, adventure, magic in each piece not to mention glorious's was such a warm, inviting celebration...and thank you for your words on my cards...we absolutely share a similar philosophy and I have some ideas I want to toss around ....amazing work And YES you can absolutely post my cards on your blog...I dig that...I think I will be putting them in my store as well...

giraffelabel - I'm a HUGE fan of your bag!! It was fabulous...the style, the colors, I always look forward to your unique creations...I'm SO glad you are a part of the TST!

lifeartdesigns - I love that you left notes all over for your're wonderful...and thank you...I will be writing another email but I wanted you to know that box...that incredible, beautiful box...Janie, that Mom is going to be so moved when the daughter gives it to her...and what you wrote made me cry in a good way...lots of tears and a thank yo from the bottom of my heart...HUGS

Felicia - your piece was sensational...the layer, the multitude of, like your art, are captivating

Bird - I loved being a part of the roundtable and as always I felt such a deep sense of inspiration and an appreciation for all you bring to each week ...wonderful

Marja - your piece was breathtaking...I mean it, it's just gorgeous work..yes you need to do more photokilnforming PLEASE! And I think you and mkc need to collaborate!!! Oh and yes I will be putting them in my shop made my day :)

Rowena - you were missed but I'm SOOOO excited to see your piece tomorrow...tomorrow I will be playing on blogs and sending email responses so I'll be there....I can't wait!!!

Frenzy - I'm SO honored to have my cards on your made my night...

HUGS to all of you...

Natasha said...

Amanda - thank you...thank you for this inspiring theme, thank you for the gift of your work...everyone in my house is a fan...the colors are so striking but what I love most is the landscape - the hills and the trees that seem to be present amid the's so warm, invites one to dream and I love that...and thank you for your endless, giving add so much to this place, you give so selflessly to all of us....thank you for being you

Natasha said...

You all give so much....I can never say thank you enough...

Many hugs, much love and wishes for happiness, curiosity and excitement for all that lay ahead upon this road that we are traveling


Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...


So I took my 8yo to this virtual-museum of TST, and he loved it so much he wants to paint with me every week and visit the “museum” next Thursday.

Michele, when I read your story attached to your spring photo last week, I was deeply touched. Your grandma is definitely very loved and so proud if you!

Kelsey, it’s amazing what you can do with those hands of yours! Knitting a beautiful landscape is such a talent only someone with keen eyes and hands can accomplish. (I love elephants!!)

Amanda, again – thumbs-up for coming up with the theme! And your painting shows how much fun and lovable person you are! So much vibrant colors!

Janie, Mother’s Day and Love – my 2 favorite topics, the mom will be so happy to receive the love-box. Thank you for the prayers, the love and your faith.

Salvaged Expression’s works made me and my 8yo laugh.

Maureen, you inspired my son and I to take out our drawing pad and water colors!

Marja, that’s an interesting concept. I can only imagine.

Giraffelabel – such a beautiful and “happy” bag. I think we all need to have at least one “Happy” bag.

Felicia, I love that piece. Girl, you’re amazing. There’s something about it that caught my eye right away and every time I look at it, I see more stuff again. As usual, another bright idea!

Natasha, Josh and I love your Remember Notes. Josh loves giving everyone post-it-love-notes (especially to his sister , 19) . You gave him an idea to use the index cards to express whatever it is that’s in his 8yo-mind! I think they’re simple and YET colorful and true-to-heart!

Carie, you probably just healed by fear of snakes!

Patti, I love those cards

Bird, I enjoy reading it ..and I read it over and over. I wish I can write as eloquent as you.
Bright blessings and good fortune to you, too.

Again, thank you ..Time in TST is "zen" for me!

aquamaureen said...

my dear TST friends, what a joy to see this week's offerings. I went through them very slowly, deliberately, yesterday, and had every intention of making very specific comments about each. Then life intervened with a couple of emotional storms last night and this morning and time is slipping by. So I just have to give up on the way I wanted to respond--just know that each piece of art, and the words accompanying, were taken into my heart and mind and deeply appreciated.